Comparing the Top Indoor Pullup Bars

These are the top three pullup bars on under the Strength Training Equipment page here. We hope you find a good one and do great things with the Armstrong program! Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar The Iron Gym Workout Bar is the most common indoor pullup bar in use. It’s inexpensive, gets the job done, [...]

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A muddy candidate gasps for air after getting stuck in the underwater portion of the Quigley

The Endurance Course: What You Need to Know

The Endurance Course is a 2.5 mile obstacle course through the beautiful woods of Quantico. And passing it in a time limit is a mandatory requirement for completing OCS. Here’s how it works: First, candidates run the Obstacle Course (O-Course) in boots and utes (just wearing boots and trousers) Then candidates put on gear, usually [...]

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Rolled Sleeves Are Back!

They joked about it. We memorialized it. Now who has the last laugh? As of 25 February, 2014, the Commandant has caved to popular pressure and honorable tradition and is bringing back the iconic sleeve rolls. On 9 March, with the Corps-wide changeover to desert cammies (coinciding with daylight savings time), all Marines will roll [...]

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