TBS Gift List

Set your new Second Lieutenant up for success at The Basic School!

Reader and Marine Spouse Jill S had some great ideas for gifts that will definitely come in handy at TBS:

I got my husband a JetBoil stove and a Leatherman to use at TBS.

My husband also suggested some other practical things to use at TBS.

For example: a Kindle or other reading device (to read all the books and military pubs recommended), good mapping gear (a set of superfine maps pens, a better protractor like Ranger Joes’ protractor, a circular one with a string running thru it), a coyote-brown (USMC Tan) colored admin pouch carrier for FLC (LBV), also Danner RAT boots (temperate or jungle) and you can’t forget about that Mameluke sword!

Jetboil Stove
Get the Jetboil Stove
Leatherman Knife
I recommend this leatherman knife because it has pretty close to the ideal combination of blades and tools you could need at TBS
The Kindle e-readers would be the top of the line e-reader
The Kindle e-readers would be the top of the line e-reader
Map Pens for TBS
Map pens: more fun in color
Something I used DAILY at TBS was my MOLLE Pouch, which holds gear and of course, snacks
Danner RAT boots
The BEST Boots on the market, but very expensive.

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