What are the recent PFT scores getting accepted and rejected?

Candidates, this post serves just as a single page to share gouge on the recent trends in PFT scores. The below are real life candidates who have shared their stats in the last month:

Candidate 1, Aviation Contract:

“300 pft
3.78 GPA
8/8/8/58 ASTB
2 Yrs men’s intercollegiate Volleyball
Lots of volunteer service including leadership experience
Age waiver- I’m 27


..Not a whole lot more I can do. Good luck to the rest of you.
Semper Fi”


Accepted Packages:

“PFT-287, accepted w/ aviation contract. PLC Juniors complete”

“265, accepted, ground contract OCC 211”

“300, OCC 211, ground, selected”

“281 and got picked up on my first board, air contract”


“300 and accepted. Leaving on Tuesday!”

“290 and leaving Tuesday morning”

“295…See you all on Tuesday!”


Rejected Packages:

“294, non-select, Ground contract, OCC 211”

A Little Older:

“276, PLC jr & sr complete, ground”

“242 3 years ago Ground accepted”

“285. PLC Combined 2010, Air.”

Candidate Gouge:

“I’m applying for PLC. I have a friend who applied and was accepted on the last board last year (I believe he told me it was the 7th board). He told me the average PFT for selection for his board was a 272”

Please post your PFT score and status to help out your fellow candidates.

No need to put your name.

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  1. Kevin- Nothing particular. I was told I had a strong package but a competitive board. My only red weight would be the age waiver I suppose. From what I heard and have been told that my package typically is comparable to past selectees.. So hoping for the next one

  2. Good Afternoon Candidates,

    This is candidate Blake Goldman. I have created a closed group in Facebook for all selected candidates of (CLASS 220) My objective is to: Personify motivation, Challenge Candidates with Knowledge and Physical Fitness, and Build Brotherhood. If there are many inquiries I will potentially add an open second and separate group for any candidate or applicant. That being said, congratulations to all those selected and to all those who have not been selected yet. It took 4 years of applying with multiple boards. Do not give up.
    Best Regards,
    Candidate Goldman

    1. I was pre-selected back in March/April for OCC 220 Air.

      290 PFT
      ~3.4 GPA
      USAF, USN, & USMC O3 LOR’s
      ~15-20 hrs of community service

      It took me about 2 and a half years of applying to finally be selected, so keep pushing yourself, show your OSO how bad you want it, and you’ll get selected eventually.

  3. Anyone know off the top of their head what the average pft selected for 219 was? I got a reserve slot with 275 pft (lots of leadership and academics). Having heard some of the scores listed, FYI: if you hear someone puking behind you when we’re running the trails in June…it’ll probably be me. See you then folks!

    1. Congrats! I also applied for a reserve slot and I had a 280 PFT, and I was a non-select. I have a BS in biology, an MBA, and a federal government job that supports the USMC (Major Equivalent).

      My issue is that I had 3 waivers. Age waiver (I am 30), traffic ticket waiver (5 moving violations), and a medical waiver (ACL surgery).

      Once again, hearty congrats. I hope you make the most of your opportunity. I am green with envy.

      1. Thank you Alexander! I actually had to get a medical waiver too for a childhood problem – Took about 5-6 months for BUMED to get it sorted out so I’ve got a pretty good idea of how frustrating that situation can be. Whatever the case, knowing how hard to come by this opportunity is, I won’t take it lightly by any means. If you’re looking at reapplying, good luck!

    2. Congrats Josh. I know 219 was extremely competitive. I was a 292 myself and was preselected for 220 active air. But keep pushing man, no reason you can’t drop that time down to sub 20 before June. Good luck!

      1. Thanks Drew! I’m actually looking forward to taking a beating in terms of PT in Quantico. Probably sounds weird, but the situation is this – My OSO is 350+ miles away and I have literally talked to him in person once (when I contracted). Have yet to meet any other applicant or candidate. To top it off, ALL workouts are done completely alone as I live alone in a rural town of 3,000. Point is, I’ve developed psychological limits for myself that shall be obliterated probably within the first week. Good luck in October!

  4. I was selected for 219 for a reserve slot on my first go around. I had a 296 PFT, 2.4 GPA at an ok school, D-1 athlete, but was a police officer for about a year. So, who knows what goes on with the selection board. See you all in June. You’ll recognize me, I’ll probably be the biggest guy there, haha.

  5. I have the same “problem” so to speak, Josh. I was wondering how people work around that because it sounds like many candidates & past candidates have great access to their OSO’s! I read that a lot of people even organize PT sessions with other candidates but I’m fairly sure I’m the only one in my rural area (1,500-2,000 population tops in my town) and surrounding counties who would even be applying. I too am roughly 350 miles from my OSO,

    Was it difficult for you to establish the relationship that everyone stresses to build with your OSO? It seems like it will be a task doing so by email or phone calls alone just because it can seem impersonal and he can’t put a face to the name, etc, and I read that it’s your OSO that really can make a difference in you being selected or not.

    I can’t imagine either of us driving the 5.5 – 6 hours just to do a three mile run and some pull ups, you know? To contract, did you drive all the way there or was he willing to meet you halfway? It may sound very, very silly but transportation has always been a hurdle for me for some reason lol.

    Sorry about all the questions but you’re the first person I’ve seen who really seems to have circumstances similar to mine. Thanks though.


    1. Zakide,

      Sorry for just getting back to you – Had a long hiatus from this sight.

      When I contracted with my OSO, he actually met me where I was at. Apparently he had to contract with someone (or someones) about 80 miles south of where I was so it wasn’t an excessive waste of anyone’s time for him to make the drive. I haven’t really had a ton of access to him though – I can call him to ask a question but in order to avoid heckling him with little requests, I have typically just cataloged questions over a week or two and talked with him once to get them all hammered out. Honestly though, I wouldn’t really say that I’ve built the kind of relationship with him that everyone stresses.

      I’ve taken a handful of pft’s since I started the process and with every one except my pre-ship (took it last week) they had someone drive up to run it with me. Typically I guess they’d have a job fair or something to do as well in the area and they’d just tack it on to the same trip. Most of the time they spend at least a night in a hotel in the area.

      But on that note, I did my pre-ship PFT at a different OSS, one that has come into existence since I applied and is only 120 miles away from my location and I did have to drive there and back though, in an afternoon.

      Good luck in getting selected!

  6. Hi All,

    Can I get some input on how competitive I am for active ground?

    3.46 GPA From a good public University
    PFT should end up being 280-285 (I run it next week)
    Some decent professional experience in Finance
    25 yrs old.
    Tattoo waiver and 1 arrest 6 years ago (all charges were dropped)
    91 ASVAB
    I have only met my OSO one time, but I have developed a good relationship with the Gunnery Sargeant I have been working with. Will this help me or hurt me?

    Also, if not selected, how often can I re-apply (waiting period, frequency of boards, etc).

    Thanks for any info in advance.

  7. Has anyone heard an update as to when the OCC 220 board convenes?

    I’ll be going up on this board for active-air

    1. I was just told yesterday that the board will be convening Thursday, July 16th. Should hear about results a couple of weeks after that.

  8. They finished occ 220 selection.

    Yall should hear back this coming week, if you haven’t already.

    Selected PFT 282
    Ground active
    Gpa under 3.0
    6 Letters of recs from professors and work.

    Whether or not I deserved it, I was lucky enough to have our OSO region CO also write a rec.

    Make sure you figure out why you want this. Is it just because you wanna go shoot guns and shit, and tell people what to do? Or is it because you truly want to lead as a humble servant?

    In any case, keep at it fellas. continue looking for and reading articles on leadership, and try to implement what you learned into every day interactions. (Be it w friends or family).

    Been in this selection process for over a year. I remember my first PFT was a freaking 255 sigh…haha

    Anyway, good luck to us who are shipping out in sept. And for those not selected, head up, and grind it out.

    1. Candidate SJ,

      I just wanted to ask if you needed any waiver and also how much volunteer work did you do prior to the boards? Thank you!

      1. No waivers. Around 200+ pro bono legal services at local prosecutor’s office (not really volunteering, but as part of unpaid internship)

  9. OCC 220 Selected –
    Reserve Contract

    First board.

    – No waivers
    – Age: 25
    – PFT: 270 (strength good, wind getting there)
    – GPA: 3.27
    – SAT: 1020
    – Small town university
    – National Honors Society (Pi Sigma Alpha)
    – LORs: 10 (Dean/Professors/Work)(Also one Active Duty Army SF E-6)
    – Bachelors degree
    – Major: CJ
    – Minor: Poli-Sci
    – Not much in terms of volunteer work/no sports (thought this would be a deal killer). Application currently in for volunteer EMS.
    – 120+ hours unpaid internship at local PD.
    – Long work history in construction/hard labor and management roles at said businesess.
    – 4 prior-service USMC family members.

    Honestly shocked, but very thankful and excited. Was actually shooting for pre-select on 221, but got picked up. Gotta slay that doubt!

    Best of luck to everyone! Anything is possible! Never quit!

  10. Boarded for OCC-220. Pre-selected for OCC-221 (Ground)

    Age: 22
    PFT: 292
    GPA: 3.94
    7 letters of recommendation (mostly professors and employers)
    B.S. from a state university.
    No waivers.
    Volunteer shooting coach/firearms safety instructor for kids.
    Assistant Swim coach.

    Although this was my first board, the process has been about 2 years for me.

    Shortly before my graduation in August 2013, I talked to my local OSO and was told that there were currently no slots available for someone like me. At the time, OCC-Ground was extremely competitive due to a small number of slots being available, and my office had already filled their numbers. This was very discouraging intially, but looking back, I don’t think I was mentally/physically where I needed to be to succeed. So I decided to wait for a slot and keep pushing…

    I started training with the applicant pool and chipping away at the various documents and other application requirements needed for contracting. Part of that involved waiting 3 months to go through MEPS (that was fun). I was then told, again, that my office did not have any missions to fill an OCC-Ground slot for 2014. Decided to wait for a slot…one more time.

    Waiting paid off.

    Never give up and the opportunity will present itself. Always remember that a period of waiting may be necessary for your growth as an individual. Embrace that time and build off of it. Don’t lose site of the bigger picture, and keep your eye on the prize. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it.

    See all of you 221 folks in January.

    “The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory.” -Cicero

  11. Hey guys,

    Thanks for taking the time to post your scores – it’s extremely helpful to so many of us.

    I’m a recent graduate with a 2.9 double major in comms and poli sci. Had several leadership positions in organizations throughout high school and college , am also doing non profit work. Got 3 lor and a PFT score of 260 but I’m aiming to hit 300 and try out in two years. I’ve also been a technician for apple the past three years.

    What are my chances realistically ? It’s definitely important for me to get that PFT up, I used to be obese until relatively recently.

  12. I have never seen this site before. Anyways, I will give everyone who has been passed up on a board a little relief. I started applying for Plc when I was a freshman in college (2012). I went on two boards my freshman year. 285 ish pfts, 2.72 gpa from one of the top engineering schools in the country, one medical waiver for pins in my wrist and college football player. Passed both times. Sophomore year I went on four boards and was picked up on the last board before the summer. 300 pft, 3.06 gpa. Went to juniors in 14. Went to seniors in 15. If you keep getting passed up then keep working at it, especially your pft scores.

    Good Luck,


  13. 270 PFT (16 Pull ups 100 Crunches 19:40 3 Mile)
    First Board Select
    Air Contract
    2.7 GPA
    Scholarship Varsity athlete

  14. I was on the board for OCC 221 that just met. I was not selected but I was preselected for OCC 222 in the summer 2016 for a ground contract. Not sure this info will help people but will post up what I can remember and tips that I’ve noticed along the way).

    285 PFT (20, 100, 20:21)
    My GPA was right around a 3.0 in Computer Science. (If you have an easy major – be honest with yourself, then you will want to get your GPA up high, from my OSO).
    Played team sports from a young age, professional paintball player and coach (leadership), assistant coach on youth baseball team (leadership).

    Honestly list everything you can possibly think of for your application package. If it’s not relevant than your OSO will look it over anyway. Do EVERYTHING. If I had known before I started the whole process a while back this is the advice I wish I had gotten. If you’re in school, find something you are interested and join. If you have a local enlisted recruiting station or have other poolees near you, try to set up and lead PT sessions/study sessions and make sure you put that in your package. It’s easier to add things and join things if you are still in school as well as bring up your GPA.

    If this is something you want to do, apply quickly. Granted, get yourself in good PFT shape at least so you are competitive there and apply. A lot of people get non selected for their first board. If it’s something you want to do and you apply early, you can always improve and apply again. I’ve heard of many people getting selected on their second and third boards

    I don’t have all the answers but if people want to ask any questions feel free to email me pfong1@students.towson.edu since it’s difficult to sometimes find more up to date info online.

  15. Need some perspective
    1st board

    Pft – 300: 17:47, 20, 100
    Gpa 2.59 , asvab 82

    Division 1 scholarship Athlete

    A lot of Community service

    7 letters of recommendation

    The bad – I’m still waiting on the results of my tattoo waiver (chest tattoo)

    Can anyone give me any insight on my chances

  16. I was selected as a Ground contract for PLC Combined this summer

    PFT: 291
    GPA: 2.73

    My major is history, and my minors are military studies and Arabic studies, but I don’t know how much of a role those play.

  17. Just took my pre ship pft, got a 299. Tattoo waiver approved. This is my first board so fingers crossed

  18. OCC 222 selected

    Air Contract

    PFT 289 19:50 20 100
    GPA 2.6 Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Ohio State
    ASTB-E: 8/8/8 69

    Other factors: Strong athletic background, Scholarship athlete at Ohio State (team captain), listed all clubs and sports from high school and college, all PIQs used were extremely positive in their recommendation, tried to stand out in pool functions with the other applicants to show OSO I’m worthy of his reccomendation.

    Good luck to everyone and see y’all in Quantico!

  19. Selected for first increment PLC Juniors this summer

    Air Contract

    Age: 19
    Grade: Freshman
    Best PFT: 285 (20, 100, 20:30). PFT for Selection: 282 (20, 100, 20:51)(I was sick)
    GPA: 3.26
    ASTB: 7/8/7 55
    Major: Political Science
    Extracurriculars: EMT, Student Government, Admissions Tour Guide at my college, and multiple club intercollegiate sports. Regularly attended PT with my OSO and pool functions.

    Looking forward to this summer, good luck everyone!

      1. No, May 22nd because I’m first increment. I take it you’re second increment then?

  20. Ground contact: selected PLC Juniors

    1st board, 299 PFT, 3.8 gpa, school involvement, college baseball, two waivers: medical for ACL surgery, and tattoo waiver. Rec from retired 1st SGT, and college professors.

  21. Got accepted 1st board. 248 PFT. 20 pull ups, 75 crunches, 22:37, 3 mile. Pretty dismal but I had some good recommendations and i worked my butt off so a month later i got 279 PFT. Make sure your app is rock solid if you have a poor PFT score but either way work your tail off to get that up. Also, your 100 word essay is huge, at least in my opinion. This is the only aspect of your app where you get to communicate directly with the board. Yes they have your recs, but this is you speaking to them; show them why they should select you. In it you should reflect why you want to lead Marines, or that leading marines is your main motive. Realize you are joining because you want to lead, If you don’t want to lead, you need to check your motives. Best of luck and reply if ya want more info.

    1. Was the 248 PFT the score you submitted with your package or was it the 279? Also could you send in multiple scores to show an upward trend in PFT score?

  22. OCC 222 applicant

    Age: 24
    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Occupation: Bartender
    PFT: 290

    I heard the board was on March 23. I don’t want to keep nagging my OSO but any idea on when we should be hearing back?

    1. We should be hearing back any time now. The first week of April at the latest I’m guessing

      1. Just heard back, got accepted! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Quantico this summer!

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