Can I Bring An Alarm Clock to OCS

Are alarm clocks at OCS necessary?

Q: My number one question or concern about OCS is sleep and waking up early. I know that through hard work I can improve my scores on the PFT ( I haven’t taken it yet), however, I’ve heard that many situations in OCS call for waking up early, and I’m assuming you can’t bring an alarm clock with you to OCS, so I wonder how I’ll be able to wake myself up early in the morning without an alarm.

alarm clock at OCS
Hydration is key!

A: That’s a very good question. At OCS You will almost always have a set wakeup time, an alarm clock at OCS will not be necessary.

Because of this, your body will set into a natural saccadic rhythm and you will wakeup without any assistance.

You can also request that firewatch wake you at a certain time, if you want to study or mark gear. While alarm clocks at OCS are not necessary, you can bring a watch with vibrating alarm. However, I would highly recommend firewatch wake you instead.

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