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Can I Commission With Dual Citizenship?

There was a candidate in my Officer Selection office who lived his entire life in Montana. Turns out, he was actually born in Canada because that was the closest hospital. Dual citizenship came up on his security check. For all your questions about gaining a commission with dual citizenship, South Florida’s OSO, Capt Krygier¬†has the answers.

What you need to know about earning a commission with dual citizenship.

First off,

your OSO will need confirmation of your dual citizenship and
original copies of your birth certificate or birth abroad documents. If you
were born in the states, just your birth certificate and social security card
will suffice.

If you were born abroad you’ll need a certified true copy of
one of your parent’s birth certificates and/or naturalization certificates, a
certified true copy of your FS Form 545 or FS Form 240, Certificate of birth abroad. This form should be in English. If you don’t have it, you can request¬†it here:

Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Again, you’ll also need your social security card.

Q: Can I have a baccalaureate degree from a UK university?

A: Unfortunately this¬†depends.¬† I’ve attached the current accepted accredited universities.¬† If your¬†university is not listed you’ll need to obtain proof of equivalency.¬† This can¬†be accomplished by going to this website: or¬† Both organizations are accepted.¬† My¬†manual states, “Applicants are responsible for the application and fees¬†associated with this process.”¬† I recently had a candidate go through these¬†steps and it cost her roughly $150.¬† You’ll need to ensure that the report¬†includes your final GPA on the American 4.0 scale.¬† The report they produce¬†would need to be turned into the OSO and submitted to the board for approval¬†prior to signing your contract.

Q: Can I retain my UK citizenship as long as I stay a US citizen?

A: Most likely¬†the answer is yes but you must be willing to renounce your UK citizenship if¬†required for your security clearance.¬† I’ve attached the documents you would¬†be required to sign.¬† Officers are allowed to keep dual citizenships in most¬†cases.¬† If you were interested in an MOS that required a higher level security¬†clearance, such as intelligence, aviation, or communications, you would¬†probably be required to renounce it.¬† This decision would not be made until¬†you reached The Basic School.¬†Please let me know if you have any additional questions.¬† If you are ready to start working on your application for OCS, I can help you get started on the¬†process.

Commissioning with dual citizenship
A 2ndLt shakes hands with his OSO as he is presented with his commission

If you live in the South Florida area and are interested in applying for OCS or have more questions about gaining a commission with dual citizenship, contact Capt Krygier.

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