Covid Quarantine at 2020 OCS

What are the 14 days of quarantine at OCS in 2020 like?

8/17 update: candidates are going to do their induction PFT during the first week of ROM, so be prepared to max your PFT any day upon arriving at OCS!

Also, we polled our readers, and here are the top answers:

“The 2 weeks of quarantine is extremely uneventful:

  • In the first 3 days you knock out IPAC, medical, and your COVID testing.
  • You do some intro classes on the interior guard, m16a4, customs, etc.
  • During those 2 weeks you do your leadership essay and autobiography.
  • Towards the end of the quarantine period you do about 3 PT sessions with the PTIs before heading to Brown Field. Since there’s only 3 PT sessions and minimal running, doing PT on your own and in your room is a must.
  • I think everyone gained about 30secs to a minute on their PFT run when we did the initial so be prepared for that.”

You get your knowledge during the quarantine period so something I did was to start going through chapters that would be on exams, which definitely eased the stress of studying during the POI

-Josh, 2020 summer OCS graduate

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