The Ten Commandments of Foot Care at OCS

Blisters, hotspots, fatigue and pain affect most candidates’s feet at OCS due to the incredible amount of stress and limited recovery time afforded, on top of breaking in new boots in often-wet environments. Don’t forget–wet is the enemy!

We surveyed successful candidates on their top tips for foot care at OCS, and curated the top ten suggestions we heard again and again.

Get yourself some great boots, listen humbly to the advice of those gone before, and prepare wisely! You’ll do great at OCS if you come prepared and determined.

Staff members boots at OCS show no sign of dirt or mud

The Ten Commandments of Foot Care at OCS

  1. Wear the right size boot
  2. Use cooling foot powder especially before bed
  3. Wear sock liners (usually silky dress socks underneath your boot socks)
  4. Pre-make a ziploc bag full of moleskin cut into donuts for quick fixes
  5. Hike a lot ahead of time to toughen up your feet
  6. Change your socks frequently on hikes
  7. Apply foot spray to the areas of your feet which sweat or make hot spots the most
  8. Dry your boots at night, stuffed with paper towels, or swap out a dry pair whenever you get your boots wet
  9. Get great insoles, even if they’re more expensive
  10. Keep your toe nails well-trimmed

Bonus tip

Keep an inspection-ready pair of boots that is only worn at OCS for inspections

These candidates dont have to worry about their dirty boots because they know they have an inspection pair back in their lockers

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