1st Annual Holiday Pull-up Challenge

The pull-up challenge begins at midnight Thanksgiving and ends December 8th, with the winners announced December 10th. 

All proceeds go to the non-profit, Irreverent Warriors. The MISSION of Irreverent Warriors is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide.

How the challenge works:¬†we have two categories,¬†individual (Female/Male) and 3-member teams (F/M). The requirements are pretty simple –¬†do the most pull-ups.¬†

Prizes:  each winning team and individual winner will receive one Duonamic Eleviia portable pull-up system (only one prize per team, but all team members receive 10% off any purchase).

How to enter: complete a registration form anytime between now and no later than midnight EST on December 8th, 2021. Upload your video(s) to YouTube and share your URL here, or email to MarineOCSBlog@gmail.com.

Who can enter: individual or teams Рactive-duty onlyР(includes poolees, candidates, delayed entry) from any branch. Teams must consist of 3 members.

How to qualify: participants must submit a video of their maximum number of pull-ups no later than midnight EST on December 8th, 2021. Only one video can be submitted for final judging. A YouTube link will be posted on ParadeDeck.com to announce the winners.

Participants/Entries: Individual and teams (REGISTER HERE)

  • Individuals¬†– with a spotter, video your pull-ups and submit one video with your maximum # of pull-ups. Make sure we can hear the counting.
  • Teams¬†– with a spotter, each team member will complete their pull-ups. If members are in separate locations, teams can submit 3 different videos.

How the winner is picked: The official judge will review each video for FORM and choose one individual MALE, one individual FEMALE, one MALE team and one FEMALE team winner. In case of a tie a random drawing will be conducted.

Technique: Each pull-up must be in accordance with the USMC standards:

Hand Positions
Participants are allowed to grasp the pull-up bar with their hands either facing forward or in a reverse grip. According to Marine Corps regulations, your arms can be as far apart or as close together as necessary to pull your chin above the bar. Once a you drop from the bar, the pull-up portion of the test ends and you cannot try again.

Arm Extension
Pull-ups begin from a dead hang; that means the you must grip the pull-up bar and hang by your hands alone. When a you are hanging motionless from the pull-up bar, this portion of the test can begin. Using upper body strength, you must pull your chin above the pull-up bar by bending your arms at the elbow. A repetition is only counted when you lower your body and return to the dead-hang position.

Leg Positions
While you are performing pull-ups, your legs can be bent at any angle or they can hang straight down. As long as you do not raise your legs above your waist, your pull-up repetitions will count toward your score. However, if your feet touch the ground this portion you are DONE.

Counting Proper Pull-Ups
A complete pull-up for the purposes of the contest starts from, and ends with, the dead-hang position. Your chin must be raised above the pull-up bar. If necessary, the you can tilt your head to raise your chin in order for a repetition to count. In order for a repetition to be counted, you cannot rest your chin on the bar at any point.

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