Five Horizontal Themes for USMC TBS

The School’s “Five Horizontal Themes” define the expectations of every student officer at TBS.

A Man or Woman of Exemplary Character

  • Has a clear understanding that a Marine commission brings with it “special trust and confidence” and the highest expectations of the American people.
  • Devoted to our Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment
  • Possesses a moral compass that unerringly points to “do the right thing” – an ethical warrior

Devoted to Leading Marines and Sailors 24/7

  • Embraces the “exceptional and unremitting” responsibility to one’s Marines and their families
  • Inspires and instills confidence in their Marines during times of adversity
  • Adheres to and enforces standards regardless of the time of day, location, or duty status
  • Treats all Marines and Sailors with dignity and respect
  • Dedicated to a lifetime of study and learning about the profession of arms

Able to Decide, Communicate, and Act in the fog of war

  • Can think critically and arrive at an acceptable decision based on sound tactical thinking within their commander’s intent
  • Communicates clearly both orally and in writing in tactical and administrative situations with emphasis on issuing clear, meaningful orders and guidance
  • Has a bias for action – seizes the initiative and acts instead of waiting for the perfect sight picture or direction from a higher
  • Once an action is initiated, act with boldness and determination.

A Warfighter Who Embraces Our Naval Character and the Corps’s warrior ethos

  • A competent combat leader, grounded in the basic infantry skills and characterized by sound judgment and aggressiveness in execution.
  • Educated in the fundamentals of maneuver warfare, tactics, combined arms, and the time-tested principles of battle
  • Maintains an offensive mindset throughout – proactive, not reactive

Mentally Strong and Physically Tough

  • Imbued with a warrior spirit and ability to thrive in a complex and chaotic environment and persevere despite the obstacles to mission accomplishment
  • Possesses the self-discipline to push past preconceived limits

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