Leadership Interview Series

Join us on ParadeDeck.com for upcoming live interviews with our military community. We believe everyone should have a voice and share their story.

USMC Jackie Barnum shares her passion for leadership! (see full interview below)

U.S. Army Veteran Justin Pearson, owner of ProperPatriot.com

A 20 year Army Veteran, Justin has mentored and advocated for thousands of veterans and service members in life after service. His distinct patriotism has been fueled by over 20 years of saluting our beloved American Flag, on thousands of occasions, which instilled pride, brought joy, and shed tears throughout his service.

Justin understands service to the country, values, and how to be fiercely patriotic. The central force keeping Justin aligned is his lovely wife. She is his biggest supporter and his voice for reason. They value family, tradition, and self-reliance!

Irreverent Warrior

USMC Captain Jackie Barnum

USMC Col retired, Steve Weintraub (VETTIX.org)

USMC Veteran, Shannon

Army Veteran, David Johnson

Lukes Wing CEO/Founder, Fletcher Gill

USMC SgtMaj Johnny Baker (Marine Corps Leauge Commandant)

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