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Mail Call at Officer Candidates School.

Mail Procedures

Mail call is conducted at the end of the day. The platoon is gathered in the squad bay and mail is passed out. Each candidate will be called to the front for their mail. Mail call is the highlight of candidates day, especially if a photo from home is included. Privacy for mail is strictly enforced so at no time will a Sergeant Instructor read their mail aloud. 

mail at ocs


Any packages/large envelopes received will be opened in front of the Sergeant Instructors. Contraband items (food in particular) will be stored in the contraband locker and candidates will have access to these items on weekend liberty. It is advised to not send food to candidates. Failing to disclose the contents of a package or contraband to a Sergeant Instructor is an integrity violation. So, if you send anything to a candidate, make a packing slip of what is in the package. Candidates are allowed to receive religious material at any point in training.

Mail at OCS Address Format

How to send a postcard to OCS

Last, First, M., 8525
B Company, 1st Platoon OCS
2189 Elrod Avenue
QUANTICO VA 22134-5033

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