Rockin’ the Corps 2005: A Tribute Rekindled

In 2005, the musical atmosphere buzzed with a unique kind of electricity as “Rockin’ the Corps” took center stage, not just as a concert but as a heartfelt salute. Designed primarily to shower appreciation on the United States Marines and sailors returning from the Iraq War, this concert went beyond melodies; it was a testament to valor and sacrifices. Join us in saluting the incredible dedication of those who serve and have served. Register for FREE broadcast.

Fast forward to today, as we gear up to re-experience that magic., in a commendable partnership with Meteor17, is set to rebroadcast this iconic concert on September 6th. The reason isn’t just nostalgia but a profound commemoration of the very essence that led to the initial concert – recognizing and honoring the brave.

2005 Rockin’ the Corps Trailer

Yet, as we approach the 18th Anniversary it’s essential to remember that thousands of service members, some of whom were in the audience that day, still grapple with PTSD resulting from the war. The concert isn’t just a tribute to their service but also a reminder of the ongoing battles they face daily.

As we tune in again to “Rockin’ the Corps,” let’s not just sway to the tunes but also let the spirit of gratitude, recognition, and ongoing support resonate in each note. Here’s to the brave, yesterday, today, and always.

Join us in saluting the incredible dedication of those who serve and have served. 

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A staggering 44,000 active-duty military personnel and their families graced the event, with the ripples of this concert reaching an impressive 880,000 service members and civilians at bases worldwide, all thanks to the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network. The high-definition concert, captured through the lenses of 12 cameras, was more than a visual treat; it was history in the making.

With powerhouse performances from musical maestros like Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, Kiss, Ted Nugent, Godsmack, and Darius Rucker with Hootie & The Blowfish, to name a few, the night was electrified with artistry. And the glamour didn’t stop there. The event saw appearances from celebrities such as Mary J. Blige, Cindy Crawford, Randy Jackson, Carmen Electra, Alyssa Milano, and Sharon Stone, further adding to its grandeur.

However, the heartbeat of “Rockin’ the Corps” was (and remains) the mission behind it. Orchestrated by Support The Corps, a non-profit brainchild of Joseph E. Robert, Jr., a businessman from Washington, D.C., the concert was a beacon of gratitude.

Join us in saluting the incredible dedication of those who serve and have served. 

Sept 6th at 730PM EST

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A 2005 Riccoh Player at the concert (CEO of

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