USMC College to Officer Programs

United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate Eliana Scott, an officer candidate with the Officer Selection Station Riverside, shares her experience in the Platoon Leaders Course while being a full-time student at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in Riverside, California, Nov. 18, 2021. The Marine Corps PLC allows college students who want to commission as officers to attend two six-week summer training cycles at Marine Corps … Continue reading USMC College to Officer Programs

66 Reasons NOT to go to OCS

We asked our fans who had passed OCS to share their advice with the above prompt. We shared “Don’t go to OCS if…” and got the following responses (and more!) Clear themes that emerged emphasized the importance of humbly being able to receive criticism, coming with commitment and mental toughness, not being a quitter, and most heavily emphasized: don’t be selfish and expect to succeed … Continue reading 66 Reasons NOT to go to OCS

Headed To Fall OCS? Part 2

Thanks to 2ndLt for answering our questions on OCS in the fall. Read¬†Part 1 of his article. Q: Retrospectively, how should candidates prepare for OCS? Understand that at OCS you will almost never be given a long distance and told to just run. You will have a 3-mile boots and utes run, and ¬†5-mile run towards the end of the cycle, along with three PFTs. … Continue reading Headed To Fall OCS? Part 2

Headed to Fall OCS? Here is Everything You Need to Know

We recently interviewed a new graduate of fall OCS¬†in 2017. Thanks to Candidate X for their insight into the new changes implemented with fall OCS. Q: How did you study for the new test structure? Speaking in general terms about my study habits, I made sure to put in as much time as possible studying before I set foot on Brown Field, and I would … Continue reading Headed to Fall OCS? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Packing list update: bring this tape if you’re headed to OCS!

Thank you for reviewing our packing list, Second Lieutenant Will. The Fall 2016 graduate¬†shared this update after his commissioning: But something for your packing list, that needs to go NUMBER ONE on the list is Kendall Covidien Waterproof tape. They’ve changed how sleeping works, which puts¬†an absolute premium on night time time management and subsequently, gear markings. That tape, coupled with a waterproof map pen, … Continue reading Packing list update: bring this tape if you’re headed to OCS!

Should I Fear OCS?

Candidate Question I’m afraid of the challenge, uncertainty and high stakes at OCS. Is it wrong to be scared? Discussion You’re absolutely right about OCS being perhaps the biggest challenge of your life. The uncertainty and unpredictability of the outcome, and the impact graduation or failure can make on your whole life plan is incredible. “Fear” may not be the most helpful word, but you … Continue reading Should I Fear OCS?

Q&A With a Successful OCS Graduate

Many thanks to a¬†gracious Second Lieutenant at TBS who took part in a Q & A session with us to share advice after his recent graduation from OCS. Feel free to follow up with any questions or comments of your own below! How would you characterize your overall experience at OCS? My experience at OCS was that of an up/down adventure. There are good days, … Continue reading Q&A With a Successful OCS Graduate

Insidious Hazing: Harvard Identifies the #1 Performance Killer at OCS

What is the most hazardous part of the hazing tough training at Officer Candidates School? Obstacle courses? The Quigley? Long marches with heavy packs? Martial arts or pugil stick fights? Nope. The number one performance killer at OCS is Sleep Deprivation In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, the lack of sleep was identified as a primary hazard to cognitive performance in the … Continue reading Insidious Hazing: Harvard Identifies the #1 Performance Killer at OCS

What the candidate’s family needs to know

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OCS Family Orientation Guide

The following information will give you an idea of what your loved one is going through while at Officer Candidates School, give you some tips that will help you and your candidate adjust, and list helpful tips that will ease your transition as a family member of a candidate undergoing Marine Officer training.

The day your loved one leaves for Officer Candidates School, he or she willingly embarks on a noble and difficult journey that tests his or her mental agility, physical prowess, and moral strength as they partake in training and evaluation with aspirations of ultimately earning the right of passage to become a U.S. Marine Corps Officer and serve our great nation.

The OCS training regimen offers unique and challenging features that no other service has – it will always remain professional, fair and safe, reflective of our Country’s finest military force. You are assured that the well-being and care of the son or daughter of America’s parents is of utmost concern and they are treated with respect and dignity.

Note on Sending Mail

Please read our guide to sending candidates mail at OCS before you drop anything in the mail that might make your candidate’s life harder!

Description of Officer Candidate Training

Continue reading “What the candidate’s family needs to know”

A Marine Mom’s Guide to Boot Camp

From the moment that your son/ daughter signs their enlistment contract for Marine Boot Camp it is normal to experience a host of emotions during this time. Intense pride, anxiety, and fear of the unknown are common feelings for parents, family and friends of¬† service members.¬†¬†Understanding what to expect when he/she leaves for boot camp will, hopefully, alleviate some of your fear and soothe your … Continue reading A Marine Mom’s Guide to Boot Camp