Battles Won Academy

Thanks to SSgt Seitz for this guest post about the Battles Won Academy. SSgt Seitz is a Officer Selection Assistant from Officer Selection Team Denver One of the best things about the Marine Corps is the endless opportunities for personal and professional development. The Marine Corps has three missions  to make Marines, to win battles, and to return quality citizens to American society. Most of the … Continue reading Battles Won Academy

Hikes At PLC Juniors

We’ve been getting great questions about OCS through our email campaign. We will share some of the best ones, updated with information for 2018 on the blog. Marine hikes are often one of the most challenging PT events for candidates. Question  Hello, Skipper. I was OCC-99 (1976). My son has been selected for his 1st summer PLC this coming May 2018. I was going to … Continue reading Hikes At PLC Juniors

Headed To Fall OCS? Part 2

Thanks to 2ndLt for answering our questions on OCS in the fall. Read Part 1 of his article. Q: Retrospectively, how should candidates prepare for OCS? Understand that at OCS you will almost never be given a long distance and told to just run. You will have a 3-mile boots and utes run, and  5-mile run towards the end of the cycle, along with three PFTs. … Continue reading Headed To Fall OCS? Part 2

law students at Marine OCS

The Importance Of Mindset At OCS: Law Students At Marine OCS

Thanks to 2ndLt R for his insight and candid advice on mindset, physical preparation and law students at Marine OCS. Law students at Marine OCS have a unique set of experiences that distinguish them from the average candidate. Adaptability is key. Marine Corps Officer Candidates School is a microcosm of life as a Marine and lawyer. OCS works to simulate life as a Marine by amplifying … Continue reading The Importance Of Mindset At OCS: Law Students At Marine OCS

Can I Attend OCS If I’m Not In College

Q: Can I apply for OCS if I am not in college? A: The short answer is, “no”. A requirement of any Marine commissioning program is that you be currently enrolled in college full-time (credit load depending on your educational institution.) Or, have a 4 year degree from a accredited institution. So you can apply for and attend OCS after college. The major itself does … Continue reading Can I Attend OCS If I’m Not In College

OCS Is A Fluid Problem Set

We’re getting some great questions in response to our email campaign. We will be sharing the most compelling questions and answers as part of our Q&A series. Q: How do I show myself to be physically capable, adapt to the lifestyle/culture of the Marines, and above all, demonstrate competence and reliability in the eyes of the instructors and fellow candidates. A: Great questions. Sounds like you … Continue reading OCS Is A Fluid Problem Set

Combined Navy And Marine OCS: One And The Same

28 March 2018, The adage “One Team, One Team” is about to become more tangible for new sailors and Marines attending Officer Candidate School. The Marine Corps has revealed plans to consolidate Marine OCS with Navy OCS for all air contracts and non-combat arms MOSs. Candidates who are contracted for combat arms will still attend Marine OCS in Quantico, VA. The Naval services has a proud … Continue reading Combined Navy And Marine OCS: One And The Same

Become an officer

How Do I Know If I Can Lead Marines?

Q: I’m a sophomore in high school. My number one concern is whether or not I’m officer material and can lead Marines. I don’t know if I can hold up to the leadership standards the Marines require. A: That’s a big question. Since you are starting this process so early, I would say the answer to that question is entirely up to you. If you want to … Continue reading How Do I Know If I Can Lead Marines?

Commissioning with dual citizenship

Planning Your Marine Commissioning Ceremony

Planning a Marine Commissioning Ceremony You graduated PLC and walked across the parade deck. Now, you’ve graduated college and are ready to officially become a 2ndLt. Unlike your OCC peers, the events, location and timing of your Marine commissioning will be almost entirely up to you to plan. Uniforms Take note, even though uniforms come “tailored” you will need to get them redone by a tailor … Continue reading Planning Your Marine Commissioning Ceremony