After OCS

After OCS: TBS, MOS School and The Fleet

Thanks to 2ndLt Gleason for sharing her advice and personal story. After OCS, there is still a lot to learn. TBS is the first real step in your Marine Corps Officer career. After OCS TBS was incredibly different from OCS. I feel that the physical standards at OCS don’t really prepare you for the physical expectation at TBS. Hiking was much different; heavier, faster. There are … Continue reading After OCS: TBS, MOS School and The Fleet

Training with Mother Nature

Thanks to Caleb Baker, experienced trainer and founder of DynamicU for authoring this post on training with Mother Nature. Coach Baker has trained military personnel from every branch, professional/collegiate athletes, general population, including people suffering from chronic diseases like MS. It’s that time of year again- where the cream rises to the top: the fitness cream. The next few months will either make or break you, and … Continue reading Training with Mother Nature

Candidate mishaps

Candidate Mishaps: Mistakes at OCS

Thanks to all the candidates who contributed to our candidate mishaps stories. In compiling these stories, we had one criteria: they must be stories about candidates who were successful at OCS. The #1 rule at OCS: If it can go wrong, it will. Billets (leadership positions) Early in the cycle, I was the Candidate Platoon Sergeant. As Candidate Platoon Sergeant you must report the platoon … Continue reading Candidate Mishaps: Mistakes at OCS

This Will Make You Rethink Marine Commissioning Routes

Before I graduated OCS, I tried every one of the commissioning routes, save enlisted to officer. I applied to the Naval Academy twice and spent a year and a half as a Marine Option Midshipman in NROTC. Only after that did I apply for the Platoon Leaders Course and attend the 10 week PLC combined. To be clear, good and bad officers come from all of … Continue reading This Will Make You Rethink Marine Commissioning Routes


Thanks to MIDN 1/C C for sharing his leadership experience and advice for candidates heading to OCS. NROTC Midshipman, utilize the resources you have through NROTC to go prepared to OCS. NROTC preparation I came from Norwich University, a small military college in the middle of Vermont. We, just like every other NROTC unit, have Marine Officer Instructors’s and Assistant Marine Officer Instructors’s who are … Continue reading NROTC To OCS

What Lieutenants (and Everybody) Should Know About a Sergeant Major’s Role

Thanks to Michael Quinn, Sergeant Major of the Army, for this insightful article. Even though it’s Army-speak, we hope it helps you junior officers understand how Sergeants Major contribute to the mission. This senior rank is very often misunderstood, and deserves significant respect from new Lieutenants. As a Finalist for the White House Fellows program a couple years ago, I spent two days with 20 influential leaders from … Continue reading What Lieutenants (and Everybody) Should Know About a Sergeant Major’s Role

Becoming an officer

OSO Q&A: Becoming an Officer

Thanks to West Texas/New Mexico OSO Capt Wisotzkey for answering your questions about selection, OCS and becoming an officer of Marines. Submit your questions anytime by commenting on a blog post or contacting us through the home page. Tell us about your background. I was born and raised in a small coal mining town in western Kentucky named Madisonville. I decided I wanted to become a … Continue reading OSO Q&A: Becoming an Officer

OCS is Not Boot Camp 2.0

Thanks to mustang officer 2ndLt W for answering our questions about the transition from enlisted recruit training/boot camp to a law candidate at OCS. Prior Service Marines Coming from a reserve unit and applying through an OSO, my application process was very similar to the one that civilians go through. Reservists go through a few small formalities with their units to get permission and approval to apply to … Continue reading OCS is Not Boot Camp 2.0

Marine Officer Candidate

Candidate Hindsight is 20/10

Thanks to 2ndLt Y for passing along his knowledge and wisdom as a successful Marine Officer candidate at OCS. Life of a Marine Officer Candidate OCS is different from college in every way. As a candidate just be comfortable being uncomfortable. Go in with the attitude that nothing is going to surprise you, that way you don’t have to worry about being surprised.  Some things are absolutely … Continue reading Candidate Hindsight is 20/10

Straight Talk from a Successful Female Marine Candidate

Thanks to 2ndLt A for sharing her insight into OCS as a female Marine Candidate and the challenges you will face there. Regardless of gender, OCS is about mindset. Female Marine candidates, your mentality will be the reason you succeed or fail at OCS. You better be prepared to be a servant. As a female Marine candidate or any candidate, if you aren’t there for … Continue reading Straight Talk from a Successful Female Marine Candidate