The Marine Brief: SMEAC

As an Officer Candidate, you will be communicating in a new way, the military way. And this will begin by giving a brief or operational order to your peers and instructors at OCS and TBS. The faster you can learn the structure, the quicker you will build your confidence in your presentations. Candidates will have a much easier time with a basic understanding of SMEAC … Continue reading The Marine Brief: SMEAC

A Veteran’s Career past 50

Standing on the yellow footprints as a USMC recruit was many years ago, but the excitement of a new beginning and passion to serve still stirs my memories to this day. I was a late join turning 27 during recruit training. I had already earned my bachelor’s degree and sought to shift my focus to a more meaningful career in the military. Serving several years … Continue reading A Veteran’s Career past 50