Marine OCS Graduation

Marine OCS Graduation

Marine Officer Candidate School Graduation is finally here! The day has finally come when you get to see your Candidate walk across the parade deck at Marine Officer Candidate School Graduation! It’s been a long 10 weeks as they have been away in Quantico. Here are our tips for getting the most out of the Family Day and Marine Officer Candidate School Graduation.   Most … Continue reading Marine OCS Graduation

Marine Corps recruiting poster "How do you know if you're cut out for the Corps?"

Help! I think I’m below average–how do I get selected for OCS?

Thank you to West Texas+New Mexico OSO Captain Wisotzkey for sharing his advice to candidates who lack the perfect credentials. As an OSO, one of the most common questions I get from applicants is “how do I make myself more competitive for a selection board?” Sometimes this is due to the applicant wanting to crush the competition, but more often than not, it’s because they … Continue reading Help! I think I’m below average–how do I get selected for OCS?

Why The First Salute?

The first salute also called the “Silver Dollar Salute” is one of the most important traditions in a new Marine Officers commissioning ceremony. Who gives the first salute? The first salute lives on as a tradition to honor the enlisted service member who has had the most impact on you. Many candidates choose a Sergeant Instructor they were particularly impressed with or ask a family member or … Continue reading Why The First Salute?

Q&A With An OCS Medical Drop

Thank you to Candidate C, who very graciously volunteered to answer our questions about OCS Medical and the physical challenges of being a officer candidate. How far did you get in OCS? Unfortunately, after completing 5 weeks at OCS, going on the 6th week, I found out I had a stress fracture and was dropped at OCS medical. What did you learn? Throughout my time … Continue reading Q&A With An OCS Medical Drop

A Marine Mom’s Guide to Boot Camp

This post originally appeared on the Sandboxx Blog: A Marine Mom’s Guide to Boot Camp. Sandboxx is a military communications app that makes it easy to send mail to your recruit or candidate in their basic training. Family members, this is solid information and a great Mom’s guide to boot camp. From the moment that your son/ daughter signs their enlistment contract for Marine Boot Camp it … Continue reading A Marine Mom’s Guide to Boot Camp

Our Top Ten Most Popular Posts in 2017

Over the past year, these are the most-viewed posts on the entire site. Not all of these posts were written within the past year, although many get regularly updated. From least-viewed to most, here are the top ten posts of 2017: Number 10: Remember a Silver Dollar for Your First Salute The first salute a newly commissioned officer receives is a special moment. Naval tradition … Continue reading Our Top Ten Most Popular Posts in 2017

Everything You Wanted To Know About OCS Selection Boards

Thanks to New Mexico/West Texas OSO Capt Wisotzkey for sharing a in depth look at the OCS selection boards. Original post can be found at It was written for OCC-225 which ran from June till August 2017. There are three OCC classes a year – January, May/June, and September. Females only attend the Summer and Fall classes currently. Where does an OSO fit? Your OSO works for … Continue reading Everything You Wanted To Know About OCS Selection Boards

This Will Make You Rethink Marine Commissioning Routes

Before I graduated OCS, I tried every one of the commissioning routes, save enlisted to officer. I applied to the Naval Academy twice and spent a year and a half as a Marine Option Midshipman in NROTC. Only after that did I apply for the Platoon Leaders Course and attend the 10 week PLC combined. To be clear, good and bad officers come from all of … Continue reading This Will Make You Rethink Marine Commissioning Routes


Thanks to MIDN 1/C C for sharing his leadership experience and advice for candidates heading to OCS. NROTC Midshipman, utilize the resources you have through NROTC to go prepared to OCS. NROTC preparation I came from Norwich University, a small military college in the middle of Vermont. We, just like every other NROTC unit, have Marine Officer Instructors’s and Assistant Marine Officer Instructors’s who are … Continue reading NROTC To OCS

Becoming an officer

OSO Q&A: Becoming an Officer

Thanks to West Texas/New Mexico OSO Capt Wisotzkey for answering your questions about selection, OCS and becoming an officer of Marines. Submit your questions anytime by commenting on a blog post or contacting us through the home page. Tell us about your background. I was born and raised in a small coal mining town in western Kentucky named Madisonville. I decided I wanted to become a … Continue reading OSO Q&A: Becoming an Officer