Top Three Qualities For Success at OCS

Greetings prospective Marine Officer Candidates, My name is Roman Zepeda, I am a Midshipman at Prairie View A&M University. I graduated Officer Candidates School in July 2018. Recently having been in your shoes, I understand your eagerness, anxiousness, and excitement leading up to your report-in date. Although I am confident that y’all are mentally and physically prepared, I ask that you take a minute to … Continue reading Top Three Qualities For Success at OCS

Headed To Fall OCS? Part 2

Thanks to 2ndLt for answering our questions on OCS in the fall. Read Part 1 of his article. Q: Retrospectively, how should candidates prepare for OCS? Understand that at OCS you will almost never be given a long distance and told to just run. You will have a 3-mile boots and utes run, and  5-mile run towards the end of the cycle, along with three PFTs. … Continue reading Headed To Fall OCS? Part 2

Headed to Fall OCS? Here is Everything You Need to Know

We recently interviewed a new graduate of fall OCS in 2017. Thanks to Candidate X for their insight into the new changes implemented with fall OCS. Q: How did you study for the new test structure? Speaking in general terms about my study habits, I made sure to put in as much time as possible studying before I set foot on Brown Field, and I would … Continue reading Headed to Fall OCS? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Marine Commissioning

Can I Commission With Dual Citizenship?

There was a candidate in my Officer Selection office who lived his entire life in Montana. Turns out, he was actually born in Canada because that was the closest hospital. Dual citizenship came up on his security check. For all your questions about gaining a commission with dual citizenship, South Florida’s OSO, Capt Krygier has the answers. What you need to know about earning a commission … Continue reading Can I Commission With Dual Citizenship?

Can I Attend OCS If I’m Not In College

Q: Can I apply for OCS if I am not in college? A: The short answer is, “no”. A requirement of any Marine commissioning program is that you be currently enrolled in college full-time (credit load depending on your educational institution.) Or, have a 4 year degree from a accredited institution. So you can apply for and attend OCS after college. The major itself does … Continue reading Can I Attend OCS If I’m Not In College

OCS Is A Fluid Problem Set

We’re getting some great questions in response to our email campaign. We will be sharing the most compelling questions and answers as part of our Q&A series. Q: How do I show myself to be physically capable, adapt to the lifestyle/culture of the Marines, and above all, demonstrate competence and reliability in the eyes of the instructors and fellow candidates. A: Great questions. Sounds like you … Continue reading OCS Is A Fluid Problem Set

Combined Navy And Marine OCS: One And The Same

28 March 2018, The adage “One Team, One Team” is about to become more tangible for new sailors and Marines attending Officer Candidate School. The Marine Corps has revealed plans to consolidate Marine OCS with Navy OCS for all air contracts and non-combat arms MOSs. Candidates who are contracted for combat arms will still attend Marine OCS in Quantico, VA. The Naval services has a proud … Continue reading Combined Navy And Marine OCS: One And The Same

Avoiding Injury At OCS

We received this question via our email campaign. It’s good gouge for anyone heading to OCS. Getting injured at OCS and “failure to adapt” are the main reasons candidates get sent home. It’s of paramount importance to prepare for avoiding injury at OCS. Question: Avoiding injury at OCS? My top question is, “What is the best way to avoid injury and avoid being put on … Continue reading Avoiding Injury At OCS

Marine OCS Graduation

Marine OCS Graduation

Marine Officer Candidate School Graduation is finally here! The day has finally come when you get to see your Candidate walk across the parade deck at Marine Officer Candidate School Graduation! It’s been a long 10 weeks as they have been away in Quantico. Here are our tips for getting the most out of the Family Day and Marine Officer Candidate School Graduation.   Most … Continue reading Marine OCS Graduation