Advice From an Old Candidate

Candidates, this post is from a PLC candidate back in the day. He has an excellent leadership recommendation for you that would benefit your unit much if you could implement it at OCS. I went thru PLC when it was still in the boonies at Camp Upshur. One thing happened the first couple of days we were there that I think is still important today. … Continue reading Advice From an Old Candidate


Female Candidate Q: Running and Lower Body Preparation

Female Candidate’s Q: Hi! I’m getting ready to leave for OCS in about 7 weeks. I’m confident about my core and upper body strength, but my run time is not ideal. My max is about 25 minutes. I could use some advice. Should I be doing 3 miles 5 days a week, focusing on hills and sprints, or doing distance? Should I be using weight … Continue reading Female Candidate Q: Running and Lower Body Preparation

Female Candidate Q: How to Increase Chances of Acceptance?

Her Question: Hello I am a college junior and am considering Marine PLC, however, I know that getting acceptance into OCS is extremely difficult for females. What are things that I can do to increase my chances in addition to physical fitness? What other factors would help my application? A: Get leadership on your resume. If you don’t have leadership experience, get some! Join some … Continue reading Female Candidate Q: How to Increase Chances of Acceptance?

Pull-ups and the Female PFT

Pull-ups In, Flexed Arm Hang Out Finally the long-discussed changes to the female PFT were announced by the Commandant in a message to all Marines last November. Effective 1 January 2014, pull-ups will replace the Flexed Arm Hang (FAH). This change will take place in two phases with phase one beginning 1 January 2013. Phase one will serve as a transition period and is intended to … Continue reading Pull-ups and the Female PFT

Candidate Q: Female Aviation Contract

Candidate Question: I am seriously considering going through the Aviation path of a Marine Officer, but I have a few questions before I decide: How long will your contract be when being in an Aviation Position? Do you have to have a Pilots License or anything specific before joining? What tests do you have to take to get into an Aviation position? I’m female, will … Continue reading Candidate Q: Female Aviation Contract

Female Candidates: Don’t Miss Out

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Guest Post: Advice for USMC OCS Female Candidates

Candidate Allison shares her advice, having completed OCS last year. I just graduated in the summer form OCS as a female. And I left with a fractured foot after graduation. Luckily I was PLC so it didn’t mess with my TBS date and I was thankful that I didn’t have to repeat OCS. The 12-mile hike was what caused a stress fracture. It was extremely … Continue reading Guest Post: Advice for USMC OCS Female Candidates

Guest Post: A New Female Lt Talks to You

The following is from a recently graduated Second Lieutenant. I asked her to share anything about challenges that surprised her at OCS. I hope her point of view will be valuable, both in seeing things from the female perspective and in having such fresh thoughts. My classes started out with 58 females and finished with 28, which is pretty good compared to some classes before … Continue reading Guest Post: A New Female Lt Talks to You

Top Fears for Females–Conquered

“Help! How can I beat the tough odds at OCS for females?

If you’ve wondered that, then you’re not alone. In my graduating class, less than 20% of females were remaining. Most of these went immediately to a delay at TBS due to injury. Scary figures, right?

This platoon is about to meet their Sergeant Instructors for the first time

If you are intimidated or discouraged by these facts, STOP! The odds are tough but just let that be motivation. The 1 female in 5 who graduated with us was probably the best prepared and most dedicated. Just determine to be that one and you will become an officer in the Marines. Do not let doubt creep into your mind. You can be the best prepared, and you can do it. Thousands have before you.

I will use this post to answer questions that females have asked before.  I did not have females in my company, but the “neighboring” company did, and obviously I’ve had plenty of female friends successfully complete OCS. I will only answer questions that I think I can do justice to.

Q: What advice do you have for females going in?

A: Overall, it’s no different from my advice for men. Know the most knowledge you can, memorizing all the general orders perfectly and studying all the pubs I have on the site. Study! Work out hard! If you can keep up with the sample workout on this site, you will be in good shape. Get all the sleep you can before OCS. You’ll lose a ton there.

Q:  I am working right now on my upper body strength and I have printed out information to study ahead of time. How many miles a day/week should I be running? Is there a max of miles I should be running at a time? What other upper body exercises should I do to prepare?

A: I recommend working on upper body and core especially, as your loads will be similar to the heavy loads carried by the males. Working in heavy squats and lunges will help develop core and lower body strength ahead of time. I said heavy, no 5 lb Jillian Michaels dumbbells here. For running, aim for 15% increase in mileage per week. If you develop shin splints, run on a softer surface, ease back a little, and do stretching and mobility work. Try foam rollers, for example. For upper body exercises, do push ups, pull ups, bent arm hang, and something to work your shoulders like military pressing dumbbells. They’ll make you hold your rifle out or up for extended periods of time, definitely a good idea to build some deltoid strength.

Q: I see that the attrition rate for females is high of dropping out. How many females typically go to OCS? And how many actually pass? What would be a good PFT to aim for to prepare for OCS? Any other information you have for females and to prepare for OCS this June would be nice.

Continue reading “Top Fears for Females–Conquered”