OCS Packing List

Packing for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS) can be a challenging and overwhelming task, especially if you are not sure what items are required or recommended to bring. To help you prepare, we’ve put together a list of essential items to pack for OCS.

Note: USMC policies are subject to change without prior notice. It is recommended to check with your Officer Selection Officer (OSO) to confirm any guidelines or restrictions. Unauthorized items may need to be disposed of upon arrival at OCS.


(2) collared wrinkle-free shirts (1 worn)

(1) pair wrinkle-free khaki slacks

(2) undershirt (1 worn)

(2) pair dress socks

(2) pairs of slacks, pressed, with belt (1 worn)

(1) pair of dress shoes (clean, worn)

(5) pairs of underwear

(5) sports bras (females)

(2) pair white washcloths

(1) pair of shower shoes, aka flip flops

(3-4) pair of extra PT shorts

(1) rugged, water-resistant watch (82% of our fans recommend the Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch)

Shoes, Boots, and Socks

(1) pair of Bates lights PT/Garrison boots

(2) pairs of running shoes, preferably purchased within three months.

(10-20) generic sets boot bands (you can never have enough)

(5 – 10) Hook & Loop Blousing Garter  

(4-6) pair coyote brown boot socks (Thorlo or Fox River)Issued socks are underweight, aren’t modern material, and don’t protect your feet nearly as well. (please get yourself good boot socks)

See our review of Fox River Socks vs Thorlo:

Misc Recommended (Hacks)

(10) Ziploc 6 1/2″ x 5 7/8″ Sandwich Bag

(10) Ziplock Storage Quart Bags

(5) Small bungee cord (for OCS and TBS)

(1) Bore snake (a lifesaver and will save you many hours cleaning your weapon at OCS, TBS, and throughout your career)


(1) toothbrush

(1) toothpaste

(1) razor

(1) packs of extra blades

(1) hygiene bag

(1) small towel to use for showering before your gear issue

(1) nail clippers (essential for inspection)

(1) tube deodorant

(1) bottle antibacterial body wash and scrubber

(1) small mirror such as this for field hygiene and camo paint application

(2) small travel bottles of mouthwash (essential for inspection)

(1) tube Lotrimin Ultra

(1) can shaving cream (medium size)

(1) bottle of shampoo+body wash combo

(1) tube of Body Glide

(1) bottle of 4 oz hand sanitizer

(1) Small field hygiene mirror (we recommend featherweight camping mirrors)

(2) quick-drying towels (small for travel)

(1) pack of 40-count moist/baby wipes

(25) black hair ties (females)

(2) travel-size hair spray (females)

(2) travel-size hair gel (females)

(2-3) cycles of feminine hygiene (females)

Banking and Cash

Cash or credit/debit for initial issues in the amount specified on the 60-day letter. At least $500.00 of cash or credit/debit ($400 in 100’s, $100 in 1’s and 5’s)

Prior Enlisted and PLC SR Candidates and other

All PLC SR Candidates will bring their complete initial uniform issue they received during PLC JR.

** All non prior-service candidates will be issued and properly fitted for boots at Officer Candidates School.  Candidates are also encouraged to purchase USMC regulation boots prior to arrival at OCS in order to begin a break-in period (they may also bring this pair of boots with them, but they will still be issued boots).  Candidates are recommended to become accustomed to wearing boots prior to arrival. USMC Boot Fit Guide

In addition to the above requirements, all prior enlisted active or reserve Marine candidates and those Marine reservist, MECEP and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) candidates who will report to OCS within 90 days of his/her End of Active Service (EAS) will bring the following: 2 sets of Woodland MARPAT Combat Utilities2 set of Desert MARPAT Combat Utilities2 pairs of seasonal boots1 Woodland Digital Cover1 Desert Digital Cover1 Woodland Digital Boonie Cover1 Sea Bag2 Web Belts2 belt buckles1 green USMC sweatshirt1 green USMC sweatpants2 pairs of green PT shorts6 green t-shirts (no unit logos)6 white drawers6 pairs of boot socks

Upon arrival, two additional pairs of Woodland MARPAT Combat Utilities will be issued at no cost to candidates who are prior enlisted Marines still considered on active or reserve status, or IRR Marines less than 90 days past their EAS.  Prior enlisted Marines will not receive a new issue of boots. These candidates will purchase (credit/debit card, cash, NAVMC 604 form) all items that are not brought in order to complete the total purchase.

Classroom and Mics items

1 six inch ruler

2 Mechanical or #2 pencils

2 Highlighters

1 Pack of 4 fine point map pens

Personal name stamp kit (1/2 in. capital letters with tape)

1 Roll of electrical tape

1 Pair of small scissors

10 Ziploc bags – Quart

10 Ziploc bags – Gallon

1 Roll of duct tape

2 Erasable red pens

4 Cheap dish rags

1 Box of 375 count cotton swabs (short handle)

1 Pack of 100 count cotton swabs (long handle)

Shipping packet from your OSO (including copies of your orders to OCS)

Copies of dependent’s papers (marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificates…)

Health, dental, or shot records

Drivers license

Cell phone and charger (will be turned in to the staff and given back at liberty)

Sharpie Rub-A-Dub marker

1 roll of clear packing tape to “laminate” things such as the covers of your candidate regs, your liberty buddy card, etc.

small notebooks (Rite in the rain 3×5 tactical). Don’t worry about having too many. You’ll use dozens across TBS and deployments!

1 box erasable black pens. Recommended: frixion

1 red LED headlamp (some candidates recommend having a backup pair)

1 rugged waterproof watch

82% of our fans recommend the Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

This is the #1 most recommended item to bring with you by former candidates:
At least four rolls of 1” (preferably waterproof) white athletic tape (hockey tape).

Covidien Medical Tape for 2017 OCS
Click for Kendall Wet-pruf Waterproof Tape Amazon Prime listing

Lastly, it can’t be reiterated enough, mark your trash before you show up. You’d be surprised at how much stuff will get stolen or lost anyway, but if your name isn’t on it, chances are you will never see it again after pickup.

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  1. I am applying for PLC 10 week this summer and am having trouble with crunches, when I try and do them my lower back seems to be doing a lot of the work and am wondering if you have any tips. I can do a lot of flutter kicks and crunches with only going part of the way up but I can’t touch my thighs.

    1. Are you having someone hold your legs while you do it? It sounds like you are tensing your lower back and over working it to pull your upper body up instead of stressing your abs. When you come “set” right before doing your first crunch, consciously relax the lower back and take a deep breath. Then, use your abs to make a curling motion up off the ground, starting in your shoulders and curling the shoulders and arms towards your legs. You might need to increase ab strength through a full range of motion if you are not well developed for a USMC crunch vs a sissy gym rat crunch consisting just of little bounces. If so, I’d recommend doing hanging abdominal leg raises to build a long full range of motion into your core.

  2. Sir,

    I was planning on buying Bates Lites boots for OCS, however I recently recieved an E-Mail from my OSO that said, Bates Lites are not allowed at OCS. Do you have any suggestions on what other brand, or models of boots would be comprable to the Lites for PT?



    1. Ricky,
      Sorry those were the only Lights I am aware of. I’d recommend looking into the Belleville Jungles. Just give Quantico Boot a call and they can head you in the right direction. I recommend Jungles, which means the boots are thinner, a little lighter, and have vents under the arch.

      Time to just get boots and build stamina with the heavier ones instead of getting the benefit of the Lights.

  3. All really good info, and I had to laugh because those are India Company 2nd Platoon pics. GySgt Aguilar is that “friendly instructor”, good times…

  4. I leave this friday and am getting all of my stuff in order. My question is, in what order should a candidates name be written on the tape to mark the bags. First, last,MI? or does it really matter?


    1. You don’t do that ahead of time. Each platoon might do it a little bit differently, so wait until you get to OCS to mark all your gear with the candidate tape. I highly recommend discreetly putting your name on the inside of everything you bring with you in permanent pen somehow, like a small “SMITH” inside shirts, shoes, everything. I lost a flashlight during pickup that I never got back, for example. Stuff will get everywhere.

  5. Great info. Thanks a lot.

    I check in next Thursday for PLC combined and was wondering about immunization records/other documents. Do I have to have a copy on hand when I check in? If so do I need to get a copy of those between now and then or will my OSO give me those when I meet up with them?(I am riding to Quantico with them Thursday so I will see them)

    1. If you don’t get your records and bring them yourself, they will give you all the immunizations just in case. So, if you can do it, I highly recommend getting your personal record so that you could get out of at least some shots, unless you have some sick love of needles. That’s not on your OSO, it’s on you. Bring them and keep them with you in your documents folder, and when you go through medical in-processing in the first week, you can show it to the staff.

  6. When packing, do you recommend putting all the stuff in ziploc bags or did you keep it in a regular shower kit (dop kit, etc)?

    1. Using the OCS Shipping Guide, outside blog recommendations, and input from several LTs who recently graduated from OCS, here is a good OCS Packing List for 2013:

      – 2 collared shirts (1 worn)
      – 2 undershirts (1 worn)
      – 2 pairs of slacks, pressed, with belt (1 worn)
      – 1 pair of dress shoes (clean, worn)
      – 5 pairs of underwear
      – 5 sports bras (females)
      – 2 pairs of serviceable running shoes (purchased within 3 months)

      – 1 pair of broken-in boots
      – 2 pairs of dress socks (1 worn)
      – 1 towel (small for travel)
      – 1 pair of compression shorts
      – 4-5 pairs of Thorlo boot socks (black or coyote)
      – 1-2 pairs of good boot insoles (e.g. SuperFeet)

      Optional/Issued at OCS:
      – 1-3 pairs of white running socks
      – 1-3 Skivvie/PT shirts
      – 1-3 Skivvie/PT shorts

      1 toothbrush
      1 tube of toothpaste
      1 razor
      1 can shaving cream (travel size)
      1 stick of deodorant
      1 bar of soap or bottle of body wash

      – 2 packs of extra razor blades
      – 2 bottles of travel mouthwash
      – Chap Stick
      – Female hair supplies
      – Manicure Kit (for inspections)
      – Hygiene Bag

      Optional/Issued at OCS:
      – 1 tube Lotrimin Ultra
      – 1 tube sunscreen
      – 1 stick of BodyGlide

      – 1 rugged, water resistant watch
      – $450.00 of cash or credit/debit for initial issues
      – 1 pair of eyeglasses as required (2 recommended)

      – 1 Red Lens Headlamp
      – 2 Wide-tip Sharpie markers
      – 2 Sharpie Rub-A-Dub Laundry markers
      – 2 small all-weather notebooks (Rite in the Rain 3×5)
      – 6 inch ruler
      – 2 erasable pens – black
      – 2 mechanical pencils (or #2 pencil)
      – Personal name stamp kit (1/2 in. capital letters with tape)
      – 4 rolls of 1″ white athletic tape
      – 1 roll of electrical tape
      – 1 pair of small scissors
      – 10 Ziploc bags – Quart
      – 10 Ziploc bags – Gallon

      Optional/Issued at OCS:
      – 2 rolls of 1/2″ white athletic tape
      – 1 roll of duct tape
      – 2 erasable pens – red

      1. Hello,

        During the Summer 2017 OCC cycle (currently in), body glide was confiscated and we were told that it is contraband.

  7. I heard from my OSO that I can not wear Bates Lights. I wonder why? since I cant try on the boots before I get them in the mail is there anything you would recommend me to look for in a Good boot?

    1. The selection for Marine Corps boots is not that big, unfortunately. They have to be USMC-approved, bearing the EGA on the side of the heel. For PT boots, I highly recommend you go with the “jungles” cut, which just means they’re a bit lighter, they breathe better, and can be identified by the two round vents at the arch of the foot. Buy them very early so if they are too big/small, you can exchange them.

  8. Hi I am heading to Quantico October 7th. I am doing the OCC ten week and am incredibly excited. I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on a good boot insole, if they are allowed, to go with all of the other fantastic information you have on this site.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions an mentor us potential leaders of Marines.

    1. Jonathan, good questions. I’d recommend going to a running store or even podiatrist if you’ve had foot problems. Talk to a pro and see what works for your personally. There are many good options out there. You actually are issued some your first week, if nothing’s changed.

  9. I’m headed to OCC in three weeks so I was just browsing your packing list. I noticed that you said you should bring $400 in cash. I was instructed by my OSO to bring no less than $450 on a credit/debit card and and no more than $100 cash. The arrival letter says the $100 cash is for haircuts, PX trips, etc and “can total around $20 per week.” For ten weeks, that is $200. How much money do you really need [or recommend] to have with you in both cash and on a card?

    1. I completed a six week increment this past summer. After the first 3 weeks, you start making PX calls. There, you’ll find an ATM. So, the $100 cash will more than hold you until then. The only thing you REALLY need cash for is haircuts and PX. I used debit card for everything else because cash sales and uniform purchase adds up QUICKLY. Had in the area of $400 in the account I set up my pay to be direct deposited into.

  10. this is an awesome webpage about OCS. Im currently in the application process and i really hope i get accepted. I was looking at the lists and you can really bring a cell phone with you?

  11. You should take the bates lites off there, sir. They aren’t allowed. You really get plenty of time to break in boots now too. I remember one of the SIs laughing about how long we were going to take to break in boots. I didn’t get any blisters until the hikes started getting longer. and by then it was the end anyway. A lot of people did though. I recommend taking an extra minute to really make sure your boots fit. When you are at gear pick up, you will basically be set free to try on boots. Don’t piss your troop handlers off and you will get as long as necessary. Piss them off, and you’ll be rushed through. If you can get boots now, and you have like a year, seriously, Quantico boot takes forever, and odds are, you’ll get the wrong size the first time, don’t order boots in advance.

    I’d say bring like 8 pair of boot socks. Make sure they are brown though. In the beginning they will harp on uniformity. And if you have green or black boot socks, you won’t be able to wear them and you’ll have to wear the issued ones, which are awful. Also, boot socks get stolen or passed out wrong in laundry.

    Also, the watch should be black, as close to solid black as possible. Not required, but it saves you from any unwanted SI-candidate contact.

    It’s also important to note that they issue you(make you buy) everything you “NEED” to get through the first 4 weeks. After that you get to go on liberty and go to the PX.

      1. Question about boot sizes. How much toe room should one have in the boots? And if there is to much room what happens?


      2. Brian, have just enough room for a bootsock liner (just use a dress sock) and a thick, cushioned bootsock. If there is more than just a little extra room, your foot will slide forward and back while running and the edges of your foot will get very blistered eventually. On the outside of the little toe and ball of the foot, and on the outside of the big toe you can develop very painful “hot spots” then blisters.

      3. As of Summer 2012, we were permitted to wear Bates Lites. I am leaving today for Summer 2013, and as far as I am concerned, Bates Lites are still permitted. So Keep pushing the Bates.

  12. Why, exactly, would you need $400 in cash? I understand that males need haircuts and such, but would females need this much money, especially for PLC?

    1. They don’t give you most of your uniform equipment. You have to buy your “Bag issues” of gear, and you can keep all your socks, boots, uniforms, etc afterwards. There might be a small unit slush fund to get some gifts for your staff or pay for food for the field meet day.

  13. “Bates Lites and all USMC regulation boots are authorized for wear at =
    OCS. Upon arrival, candidates are issued both hot-weather and =
    cold-weather boots of various brands including but not limited to Bates, =
    Belleville, Danner, and Altama. The website is up-to-date and includes =
    tips on purchasing boots prior to arrival. It is strongly encouraged =
    that candidates begin to break-in regulation boots prior to shipping to =
    OCS to prevent blisters and other boot-related injuries during training.”

    This is A reply email i recieved from Coordinator of Student Activities OCS
    this morning, answering my question about Bates Lights.

  14. Im a prior and I already know all of the “high speed” nice thick socks… However I have some in black, green and tan… do they all have to be Tan?

    1. I really don’t think they care, maybe the first week only you’ll have to be the same as everyone else. Definitely bring your own socks–the issue ones suck!

  15. Also I see that you put compression shorts, They won’t mind if I wear those instead of the white briefs?

    1. They do not care what underwear or compression shorts are under your uniform–when PTing in shorts you will need to have green issue PT shorts on top of your compression shorts/jock strap/nothing.

      1. Can the compression shorts extend further than the issued PT shorts or do they need to be appropriately cropped to not show?

      2. In the fleet, definitely. At OCS, if they are not the same green as your PT shorts, you might have to roll them up. Much of your PT is in boots and utes, though, and that is still a comfortable and smart choice to use the compression choice in my opinion.

    1. Trey, they do reserve that right. It’s very possible if you need a molar taken out or a crown done, they will either do it right then and make you keep training, or if it’s not too bad, they will do it when you check into TBS after OCS.

  16. I am scheduled to leave for the 10 week course in October and am curious what size bag to bring. I’ve heard it is helpful to have a large pack but I just want to know how big. Do you have any reccomondations?

    1. Yes, size doesn’t matter so much but have one that is strong enough not to be damaged by getting packed with 50 other candidates. Also easily identifiable is a plus. They are just stored in a small room packed full of candidate bags.

  17. I’m leaving For OCS in 4 weeks, Are the items on the packing list things that your are REQUIRED to bring or ADVISED to bring?
    The reason I ask is because I am having a little trouble finding a few of these things such at official PT Shirts.

    1. Those are mostly recommended…some more highly recommended than others. The only mandatory items to bring will be in your paperwork you sign with your OSO. Namely, ID’s, money, civilian clothing, basics like that. For skivvy shirts, try this link: http://amzn.to/LbmXs4

  18. I had a few concerns about the packing list that I need help with please.

    I read that the lotramin ultra can be considerd a “Convienance” item and considered contraband and can have a negative consequence.

    Can I bring shaving cream?

    Can I bring more than one pair of compression shorts?


  19. They say bring a pair of Bates Lites and then you’re issued a pair of desert boots and a pair of hot weather boots. I know they say use the Bates Lites when running PT in boots and utes as well as in the quigley, but which pair (desert boots or hot weather boots) should I wear for everything else and which pair should I save for inspections?

  20. Is the link for the PT shorts up to date? I read an article that the silkies were not regulation anymore.
    Also, is it necessary or beneficial for the boot sock to extend over the calf, or will the shorter version of the sock work just as well?

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