Why The First Salute?

The first salute also called the “Silver Dollar Salute” is one of the most important traditions in a new Marine Officers commissioning ceremony. Who gives the first salute? The first salute lives on as a tradition to honor the enlisted service member who has had the most impact on you. Many candidates choose a Sergeant Instructor they were particularly impressed with or ask a family member or … Continue reading Why The First Salute?

Q&A With An OCS Medical Drop

Thank you to Candidate C, who very graciously volunteered to answer our questions about OCS Medical and the physical challenges of being a officer candidate. How far did you get in OCS? Unfortunately, after completing 5 weeks at OCS, going on the 6th week, I found out I had a stress fracture and was dropped at OCS medical. What did you learn? Throughout my time … Continue reading Q&A With An OCS Medical Drop

Rethink Your Leadership Experience

It’s often hard to gain relevant leadership experience before applying to OCS. Pick well-rounded leadership positions to stand out to the OCS Selection Board. This post was written by a candidate who attended OCC in 2016. Tips for Gaining Personal Leadership Experience  I coached sports after high school and returned each year to help the team prepare for the regional and national championships. I was an … Continue reading Rethink Your Leadership Experience

A Marine Mom’s Guide to Boot Camp

This post originally appeared on the Sandboxx Blog: A Marine Mom’s Guide to Boot Camp. Sandboxx is a military communications app that makes it easy to send mail to your recruit or candidate in their basic training. Family members, this is solid information and a great Mom’s guide to boot camp. From the moment that your son/ daughter signs their enlistment contract for Marine Boot Camp it … Continue reading A Marine Mom’s Guide to Boot Camp

Test Your Physical Fitness With This PFT Benchmark Workout

Thanks to Candidate X who graduated in the summer of 2016 for this benchmark PFT workout. “There was a MARSOC Captain I met after graduating OCS and he took my OSS through, what he called, a good Benchmark PFT. I would have to agree. It’s very simple, but the cumulative loading effect is what makes this difficult.” Benchmark PFT 5 pull-ups (kip when you can … Continue reading Test Your Physical Fitness With This PFT Benchmark Workout

Our Top Ten Most Popular Posts in 2017

Over the past year, these are the most-viewed posts on the entire site. Not all of these posts were written within the past year, although many get regularly updated. From least-viewed to most, here are the top ten posts of 2017: Number 10: Remember a Silver Dollar for Your First Salute The first salute a newly commissioned officer receives is a special moment. Naval tradition … Continue reading Our Top Ten Most Popular Posts in 2017

Everything You Wanted To Know About OCS Selection Boards

Thanks to New Mexico/West Texas OSO Capt Wisotzkey for sharing a in depth look at the OCS selection boards. Original post can be found at MarineOCS.com. It was written for OCC-225 which ran from June till August 2017. There are three OCC classes a year – January, May/June, and September. Females only attend the Summer and Fall classes currently. Where does an OSO fit? Your OSO works for … Continue reading Everything You Wanted To Know About OCS Selection Boards