Guest Post: Questions About Mike Co at TBS

Quick answer to a question about who gets recycled to Mike Company The most common reasons are failing at one portion of the period of instruction (POI) or injury. For example, one lieutenant arrived at The Basic School (TBS) and went through the POI, all the while injuring his back. He was then placed in Mike Company, where his role was to support the students … Continue reading Guest Post: Questions About Mike Co at TBS

Guest Post: TBS is Backwards Day

 TBS (The Basic School) is backwards day!  Your staff intends for you to be frustrated.  And you are meant to be stressed to the point of constantly and fruitlessly asking yourself, “WHY????” in the most exasperated tones.  Just forget the “why” and do what everyone else is doing.  That may not be the path to good leadership, but it’s the way to graduation! After all, … Continue reading Guest Post: TBS is Backwards Day

Candidate Q: Active Duty Pay Between OCS & TBS?

Candidate Question: As a starving college student I have to ask. I know I get paid at OCS Juniors for the time spent there but am I entitled to any sort of monthly pay between then and my next session at OCS? A: You only will get paid for time at OCS until you get to TBS–even if you commission 6 months before TBS! So … Continue reading Candidate Q: Active Duty Pay Between OCS & TBS?

Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

Candidate Question: During OCS and TBS, would my wife be provided housing in Quantico? A: Fantastic question! Very important–for OCS you will not be provided any type of housing for her at all. You should get a reduced BAH to help cover your rent but don’t count on it. At TBS you will live in the barracks (Bachelor Officers Quarters) and she can live in … Continue reading Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

Candidate Question: OCS to TBS Transition

Candidates, we are beginning a new series of small posts which answer specific candidate’s questions. Feel free to submit questions as blog comments. If the information could help others, the question may be answered as a blog post under the Q&A category. Candidate Question: How does the transition from OCS to TBS work? Are those that graduate from OCS typically able to enter TBS immediately? … Continue reading Candidate Question: OCS to TBS Transition

TBS Gift List

Set your new Second Lieutenant up for success at The Basic School! We polled our TBS students and their families, who shared the following top choices for gift ideas which would be most handy at The Basic School: See the following suggestions and share your own with us if you think we’re missing any! #1 Most suggested item: printers and laminators #2 Most suggested item: … Continue reading TBS Gift List

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The Basic School (TBS) Questions and Answers

I am simply revisiting a correspondence with a young OCS graduate, nearing his TBS ship date, with several questions and answers about TBS.

The Basic School Logo

TBS Questions

Gearing up to head to TBS here in October, and had a few questions I was hoping you could answer:

1-Should I bring my desktop or just a laptop? Read as… how much space is in the barracks?

2-What’s liberty look like? Am i looking at training virtually 27/7 OCS style or what? Are weekends free, are you left to your own devices in the evening, etc.

3-Civillian attire: What’s the dress code roughly look like. I saw the indoc powerpoints on what regulations are, but I was sorta wondering what you guys generally actually wore. And how many sets of civies are really necessary.

4-Anything I can do to ease inprocessing?

5-Any other random stuff you wish you’d known before you got there?

Thanks for any help! I’m not worried about the actual training regimen. Just kinda want to make my life as easy as possible, you know?

Continue reading “The Basic School (TBS) Questions and Answers”

OCS Blog Mobile App

OORAH! On November 10th, we are launching our new Marine OCS Blog iOS and Android application. Our new app will bring more access to premium content, videos, and study material.  What to expect: Premium articles and blog posts Leadership Tribe Monthly Newsletter OCS & TBS Study Guides Nutrition and Fitness Tips Special Event notifications Continue reading OCS Blog Mobile App

The Marine Brief: SMEAC

As an Officer Candidate, you will be communicating in a new way, the military way. And this will begin by giving a brief or operational order to your peers and instructors at OCS and TBS. The faster you can learn the structure, the quicker you will build your confidence in your presentations. Candidates will have a much easier time with a basic understanding of SMEAC … Continue reading The Marine Brief: SMEAC

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My experience with COVID OCS – OCC 235

Thank you to OCC 235 Graduate X for sharing an update on what to expect during the times of Covid Obviously COVID has affected nearly every facet of life for every organization globally. This includes the Marine Corps. But here’s some free motivation for you soon to be candidates and newly minted Marine Officers: The Marine Corps adapts, thus it’s still making Marines and leaders … Continue reading My experience with COVID OCS – OCC 235