Crunch Alternatives for PFT Training

Candidate Question I’m currently training for the PFT. Unfortunately, I’ve developed some sort of rash on my buttocks and lower back that prevents me from doing crunches effectively. Are there any alternatives to doing crunches that will allow me to exercise the same muscles? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. A: Great question. This is actually very common in candidates as they ramp up their … Continue reading Crunch Alternatives for PFT Training

USMC Crunches Video: PFT Rules

USMC Crunches: PFT Rules MCO P6100.12  MARINE CORPS PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST AND BODY COMPOSITION PROGRAM MANUAL Abdominal Crunch. The goal of the abdominal crunch event is for a Marine to execute as many proper and complete crunches within the prescribed time limit. The procedures are: (1) 2-minute time limit. (2) On a flat surface, Marines will lie flat on their back with shoulder blades touching … Continue reading USMC Crunches Video: PFT Rules

Quick N Easy PFT Crunches

To do a correct Marine Corps crunch, lay on your back with your feet flat on the deck, and your butt close to your heels.  Your arms should be crossed on your chest or your stomach.  They cannot come off of your chest/stomach during the PFT. To do a correct crunch, raise your upper body off of the deck until your forearms touch your thighs.  Go back down … Continue reading Quick N Easy PFT Crunches