Candidate Q: OCS Boots

Candidate Questions: Great website, it is very helpful! I am hoping to go to OCC in January, but I have a question about boots. You mentioned that getting a pair beforehand would be a good idea. Can you take those boots with you to OCC once you have broken them in? What brand do they issue you at OCC? You mention jungles, would you recommend … Continue reading Candidate Q: OCS Boots

Bates lights on Amazon

Bates Lights boots at OCS

A short primer 2009–Yes Bates Lights were used and were “kosher” for any and all events when I attended OCS. They were especially useful for the E-Course, but were disallowed or discouraged on the O-Course since they have terrible traction on the rope. 2011–Banned? Bates Lights were disallowed from OCS totally, according to multiple sources. “I am going to OCS on May 27 this year. … Continue reading Bates Lights boots at OCS

Confused Boots: What You Need to Know

A reader brought up a few good questions about boots.  Since your boots are so important, I’m going to make an entire post just about boots.  If I get any new boot-related questions, I will just keep updating this same post. Candidates are issued a pair each of jungles and ICBs. ICB stands for Infantry Combat Boot, and is a good heavier duty boot with … Continue reading Confused Boots: What You Need to Know