From Infantry Sergeant to OCS Graduate

Thanks to SSgt San Miguel, an Infantry Marine and MECEP for answering our questions about the MECEP and OCS from a prior service Marines perspective. As far as the difference between an MECEP applying to OCS and a college student, I am not too sure but I can speak on my process from the MECEP standpoint. I want any Marine applying to the MECEP to … Continue reading From Infantry Sergeant to OCS Graduate

Should I Talk to an OSO Before I’m “Ready” for OCS?

Candidate Question: I am currently enrolled in college, majoring in Computer Science. I have struggled quite a bit in finding a major to stick with, but am now positive this is the right major for me. I currently have roughly a 3.0 GPA and will continue to improve on that as I go. I have always been interested in serving our country. …after personal family … Continue reading Should I Talk to an OSO Before I’m “Ready” for OCS?

Becoming An Officer

Interested in Becoming an Officer in the Marines? The Why – The What – The How The Why: Find your motivation What attracts you to becoming a Marine Corps officer? Before you make a life-altering commitment, you need to examine your motivation and your perception of military life versus the reality. First, let’s consider your motivation. Many things go into possible motivation, and here are a few examples: Are … Continue reading Becoming An Officer