The Ten Commandments of Foot Care at OCS

Blisters, hotspots, fatigue and pain affect most candidates’s feet at OCS due to the incredible amount of stress and limited recovery time afforded, on top of breaking in new boots in often-wet environments. Don’t forget–wet is the enemy! We surveyed successful candidates on their top tips for foot care at OCS, and curated the top ten suggestions we heard again and again. Get yourself some … Continue reading The Ten Commandments of Foot Care at OCS

Know Your Boot Sock

Blisters are caused by heat, moisture, and friction. Foot care and boot sock choice are important factors in preventing issues with your feet. Taking the extra time to care for your feet is worth losing sleep or gaining the attention of the Sergeant Instructors. Two sock brands that are common at OCS are Thorlos and Fox River. Personally, the Fox River socks are my go-to … Continue reading Know Your Boot Sock