Three Ingenious Boot Care Tips

Dry Out Boots Overnight After going through wet or muddy courses at OCS, you’ll have to run your boots under a shower to clean off the dirt. Even if you’ve properly applied Camp Dry as instructed in “Wet is the Enemy,” you’ll end up having thoroughly soaked boots eventually. The best way to dry out boots is leave them in dry room temperature air for … Continue reading Three Ingenious Boot Care Tips

Wet is the Enemy

Camp Dry is a godsend for the poor miserable creature known as the Officer Candidate. Wet is the Enemy. Always. It’s snow in the winter or freezing rain in the fall or freak rain showers and saturated, muddy ground in the summer. Next comes swollen, wet, blistering feet or soggy, chafing skin under belts and pack straps. I distinctly remember my whole squad feeling the … Continue reading Wet is the Enemy