2017 Candidates, Are You Ready for the Marine Combat Fitness Test?

At OCS, candidates will transition to exercising more with boots and utes (MARPAT Camouflage) as the cycle progresses. This type of workout is epitomized by the Marine Combat Fitness Test (CFT). It is recommended that candidates have some exposure to working out in boots. Realistically, working out in boots is not much different than running shoes, however, there is a mental aspect that makes it … Continue reading 2017 Candidates, Are You Ready for the Marine Combat Fitness Test?

Your CFT Ammo Can

Thanks to MarineCFT.com for this guest post. We highly recommend candidates and new Second Lieutenants make their own ammo cans in order to ace the annual Combat Fitness Test. Your CFT score affects your OCS and promotion grades for your whole career. Official CFT Ammo Can Weight 30 pounds according to the official orders. They are easy to make for your own practice. Just follow … Continue reading Your CFT Ammo Can

The Ultimate CFT Preparation Workout

The Ultimate CFT Preparation Workout is courtesy of Marine CFT.com, your number one source for help on the Combat Fitness Test

Marine CFT.com


This workout plan provides for 3 workouts a week with 1 active recovery day. Every training day consists of a warmup, intense workout, and a cooldown. The equipment ideally includes a 35 pound ammo can, dumbbells, and a barbell. For your active recovery day, although a bike or elliptical is recommended, swimming or any other aerobic activity that is soft on your joints could work. Continue reading “The Ultimate CFT Preparation Workout”

Make Your Own Ammo Can to Train for the CFT!

The second component of the Combat Fitness Test is the Ammo Can Lift. To train for this unique exercise, you could use a 30-lb dumbbell gripped with both hands…or you could make your own can! The Can Normal 5.56mm (M-16 ammunition) ammo boxes are generally used, but if you can’t find any on ebay or Amazon, then something close like a .50 cal box would … Continue reading Make Your Own Ammo Can to Train for the CFT!

Candidate Question: PFT and CFT Rest

Candidates, we are beginning a new series of small posts which answer specific candidate’s questions. Feel free to submit questions as blog comments. If the information could help others, the question may be answered as a blog post under the Q&A category. Candidate Question: I have a question about the PFT and the CFT. Are the events (like pull-up, 3 mile run and crunches) back … Continue reading Candidate Question: PFT and CFT Rest