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My experience with COVID OCS – OCC 235

Thank you to OCC 235 Graduate X for sharing an update on what to expect during the times of Covid Obviously COVID has affected nearly every facet of life for every organization globally. This includes the Marine Corps. But here’s some free motivation for you soon to be candidates and newly minted Marine Officers: The Marine Corps adapts, thus it’s still making Marines and leaders … Continue reading My experience with COVID OCS – OCC 235

Covid Quarantine at 2020 OCS

What are the 14 days of quarantine at OCS in 2020 like? 8/17 update: candidates are going to do their induction PFT during the first week of ROM, so be prepared to max your PFT any day upon arriving at OCS! Also, we polled our readers, and here are the top answers: “The 2 weeks of quarantine is extremely uneventful: In the first 3 days … Continue reading Covid Quarantine at 2020 OCS