Guest post: “My Dad’s Letters”

Your OCS letters are a memorable source of encouragement and escape that you’ll likely save for years to come. Encourage your friends and family to write via mail or Sandboxx, but be careful about care packages or snacks. Rules on receiving those vary by unit. Our thanks to Marine Captain Jeremiah for sharing his personal story, originally appearing on the Sandboxx blog here. Military life can be … Continue reading Guest post: “My Dad’s Letters”

For Families: Send Mail to Your Candidates and Marines With Sandboxx

For both candidates and deployed Marines, there are few bright spots to cheer them during the trials they undergo. However, one of the happiest traditional events at OCS, Recruit Training, or overseas is Mail Call. Especially in today’s hyper-connected world, to be without one’s cell phone or any internet access really emphasizes the loneliness. Now a team of former Marines has created a new startup aimed in … Continue reading For Families: Send Mail to Your Candidates and Marines With Sandboxx

Should I Bring Kids to Family Day?

Spouse’s Question We have young kids (3 under the age of 4) and live across the country. Should I plan to bring them to Family Day and the Graduation ceremony, or just go out for it myself? -Sam Our Thoughts Hi Sam, After the insanity of OCS, the first thing your candidate will want is time with family and loved ones (coupled with many hours … Continue reading Should I Bring Kids to Family Day?

TBS Housing Question

Candidate’s Question Do new officers have to live on base in the officer’s barracks at The Basic School? Can they stay off-base or rent an apartment nearby? Answer The majority of students at The Basic School will live in barracks on-base. If you are married and living nearby with your spouse, you will get a room on base but be considered a “brown-bagger,” commuting most … Continue reading TBS Housing Question

How Much Do OCS Candidates Get Paid?

Candidate Question What is the pay for an OCS candidate while attending OCS? Is it disbursed once a month? Answer Candidates are considered at the pay grade of a Sergeant or E-5, “or the highest pay grade achieved if” entering… “directly from current service at a pay grade above E-5.” In other words, there’s no pay cut if you’re a prior enlisted Marine attending OCS. … Continue reading How Much Do OCS Candidates Get Paid?

Deal With Distractions Before OCS

Candidate Q: I had a question pertaining to having to maybe pull out of the upcoming OCS class. Is that possible? And would I be able to reapply for the next session? I was hit with some major news from a family member and health issues and I’m just not sure if I can mentally focus to do the job that needs to be done … Continue reading Deal With Distractions Before OCS

Candidate’s Family Q: Sending Food?

Question from family members looking to support their candidate: Should we send food to our candidate? Obviously they could use extra calories and will miss home cooking. Answer: No. They will probably either be forced to throw away the food right away, or put it in a closet until they are released to eat it. The official OCS website says the following: DON’T send items … Continue reading Candidate’s Family Q: Sending Food?

Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

Candidate Question: During OCS and TBS, would my wife be provided housing in Quantico? A: Fantastic question! Very important–for OCS you will not be provided any type of housing for her at all. You should get a reduced BAH to help cover your rent but don’t count on it. At TBS you will live in the barracks (Bachelor Officers Quarters) and she can live in … Continue reading Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

Marine OCS Family Day

The following information is compiled from multiple places on the web, including the official USMC OCS page, and is cleaned up a little with directions added and so forth. If it leaves any question unanswered, please leave a comment on the bottom of the page and we will update! Family Day and Graduation take place on the last two days of training. Family Day gives … Continue reading Marine OCS Family Day

New Guide for Candidate Families

Firstly, for all of the supportive families of OCS Candidates and new Second Lieutenants, thank you. It means so much for candidates to receive mail and encouragement while pushing through OCS, and to have family members present when they graduate or commission. To put all the relevant information in one place, we have created a whole new category just for OCS Families. If you have … Continue reading New Guide for Candidate Families