USMC OCS Workout: Crunches and Flutterkicks

Candidates, we are running a series of small posts which answer specific candidate’s questions. Feel free to submit questions as blog comments. If the information could help others, the question may be answered as a blog post under the Q&A category. Candidate Question: Could you give an example of a typical crunch/flutterkick workout for this program? Many thanks. A: Certainly. Doing several sets of 30 … Continue reading USMC OCS Workout: Crunches and Flutterkicks

Female Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

The female candidates who read this blog will hopefully forgive me for my lack of knowledge concerning the female-specific aspects of OCS.
What can I say? I’m a male.

We didn’t even have a female platoon in our company.  But one of the things I can straighten out is that all pull-ups in my PFT discussions now apply to males and females.  Women now do Pullups, not the flexed arm hang.

Female candidates get motivated by an SI
Female candidates: different PFT, same motivation
Notice that scores are calculated differently for men and women for both the Pullups and run.
The following is a word-for-word excerpt from the USMC order detailing female PFTs:
Sequence of Events. The sequence of PFT events will be left to the discretion of the CO. All PFT events will be conducted in a single session, not to exceed 2 hours in duration. Movement of Marines from one event to the next should allow adequate time to recover, stretch, and drink water.


Push-ups and Flutterkicks: Prepare for Pain

Before each PT workout begins, the “form for PT” chaos must go down. The platoons must form themselves in perfect ranks to do robotically operated stretches to yelled commands with proper shouted responses. No infractions are allowed–for example, wearing a watch to PT, bringing a pen in your pocket, or not being loud enough. For most all of OCS, if everything operates perfectly smoothly, somehow … Continue reading Push-ups and Flutterkicks: Prepare for Pain