Candidate Q: Boot sizes

Candidate Question: Question about boot sizes. How much toe room should one have in the boots? And if there is too much room what happens? A: Brian, have just enough room for a bootsock liner (just use a dress sock) and a thick, cushioned bootsock. If there is more than just a little extra room, your foot will slide forward and back while running and … Continue reading Candidate Q: Boot sizes

Confused Boots: What You Need to Know

A reader brought up a few good questions about boots.  Since your boots are so important, I’m going to make an entire post just about boots.  If I get any new boot-related questions, I will just keep updating this same post. Candidates are issued a pair each of jungles and ICBs. ICB stands for Infantry Combat Boot, and is a good heavier duty boot with … Continue reading Confused Boots: What You Need to Know