What to Wear to Your OSO Meeting

Clothes, mainly. When meeting with an Officer Selection Officer (OSO), it would not hurt to dress a little bit more professional–like candidates on liberty. It’s not mandatory, but you want to consistently make a good impression in every interaction with your OSO. Obviously, when coming to the OSO’s office for a PFT or other workout, wear your personal, appropriate workout clothing. Like everything else in … Continue reading What to Wear to Your OSO Meeting

Candidate Q: “Bodybuilder” at OCS

Candidate Question: I am 6 feet tall and 200lbs at approximately 15% body fat. I’d like to maintain the definition in my arms and shoulders (chest shouldn’t be a problem considering the amount of pushups done during OCS). Is there any place I can train with weights during Liberty? A: Imagine if you weren’t so obsessed with your own appearance and were instead focused on … Continue reading Candidate Q: “Bodybuilder” at OCS