Humps (Hikes) at OCS

Hikes (known as humps) at OCS are one of the more difficult training evolutions that candidates will face on Brown Field. Preparation There are a few ways that candidates can help themselves prepare for humps. Most humps will occur before a major evaluation such as the Leadership Reaction Course or Small Unit Leadership Evaluation. You will spend the night in the field before the training evolution … Continue reading Humps (Hikes) at OCS

Nine Tips for Marine Corps Humps

In Marine speak a hike is known as a “hump,” and to carry a soldier’s load on your back while hiking is known as “humping” whatever gear it is. At OCS and also TBS, conditioning hikes are used as PT and boy do can they get rough! The longest will be in the neighborhood of 12-15 miles. Your packs could be 60-80 pounds and the … Continue reading Nine Tips for Marine Corps Humps