Treatment of Shin Splints

Treatment of Shin What? You hate running. But you’d love to become an officer in the Marines. So you start training for the PFT and when you go from zero to ten miles of running per week, the front of your shins start barking! Shin splints are one of the most common running injuries, and affect a large amount of candidates and would-be candidates every year. … Continue reading Treatment of Shin Splints


Candidate Q: Female Aviation Contract

Candidate Question: I am seriously considering going through the Aviation path of a Marine Officer, but I have a few questions before I decide: How long will your contract be when being in an Aviation Position? Do you have to have a Pilots License or anything specific before joining? What tests do you have to take to get into an Aviation position? I’m female, will … Continue reading Candidate Q: Female Aviation Contract

Insanity Workout Review: Good for OCS?

What is Insanity? BeachBody’s Insanity program by Shaun T is a 60 day cardio-intensive at-home DVD workout using no equipment.   The Good No need for lots of expensive equipment or a gym. When you work out at home, there’s less time wasted and fewer hurdles to getting your workout in, so you probably will stick to the program better. Insanity basically ensures you have … Continue reading Insanity Workout Review: Good for OCS?

Candidate Q: USMC OCS Classroom Time

Candidates, we are running a series of small posts which answer specific candidate’s questions. Feel free to submit questions as blog comments. If the information could help others, the question may be answered as a blog post under the Q&A category. Candidate Question: What is the class time to ‘work’ time ratio? Will you spend most of your time in the classroom or doing physical … Continue reading Candidate Q: USMC OCS Classroom Time

How I Got Rejected to Marine Corps OCS in 2012

In follow-up to the example application that Got Accepted to Marine OCS in 2012, we are publishing a letter sent in from a candidate with a strong resume who was unfortunately not selected this time around. My OSO sent in 13 books for 211. Only 1 was accepted, and that was a reserve spot. I was not selected. In case anyone is curious, here are … Continue reading How I Got Rejected to Marine Corps OCS in 2012

Why the Marine Corps Push-up is Twice as Hard

USMC Push-up Rules Pushups. Starting position is lying on your stomach with hands shoulder width apart, toes on the deck, and elbows, back, and knees straight. On the first and third count, lower the chest to the deck; bend the elbows to at least 90 degrees (1/3). On the second and fourth count, extend the arms back to the starting position (2/4). This exercise conditions the … Continue reading Why the Marine Corps Push-up is Twice as Hard