OCS Candidates Cheating on LandNav Kicked Out

According to a recent Marine Corps Times story, “Record number of OCS candidates booted amid cheating allegations”, twenty-one candidates were kicked out of OCS in one day for Integrity Violations. Ten additional candidates were suspected of benefiting from or having knowledge of cheating, but were allowed to stay and were put on probation. What Happened on LandNav The incident in question occurred on a dark … Continue reading OCS Candidates Cheating on LandNav Kicked Out

Goodbye Silkies?

Candidates and friends, The Marine Corps Times story last week confused many of us and led to many discussions over on the facebook page. I, the blog author, have been in contact with the writer of the story, who helped clear up the issue. See the correspondence below. From the Marine Times writer: This was a confusing story precisely because there is no MARADMIN on … Continue reading Goodbye Silkies?