How can currently enlisted Marines become officers?

Reservists Marines currently serving in the Marine Corps Reserve may apply for programs such as PLC and OCC through their Officer Selection Officer. Commissioning Programs for active duty enlisted Marines include: Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP) For Marines who have earned a four-year degree before joining the Corps or during active duty Qualified Marines attend Officer Candidates School (OCS) Upon completion of OCS, they are commissioned as second lieutenants Reserve Officer opportunities … Continue reading How can currently enlisted Marines become officers?

Wet is the Enemy

Camp Dry is a godsend for the poor miserable creature known as the Officer Candidate. Wet is the Enemy. Always. It’s snow in the winter or freezing rain in the fall or freak rain showers and saturated, muddy ground in the summer. Next comes swollen, wet, blistering feet or soggy, chafing skin under belts and pack straps. I distinctly remember my whole squad feeling the … Continue reading Wet is the Enemy

Leadership Advice for Future Marine Officers Still in High School

Future Candidate’s Question: Hi, I’m a high school junior wanting to know what you did for leadership postitions to prepare for your application and as a future officer. I hold a leadership role in a school club and am joining National Honor Society. I know that I’m a few years away from applying, but that leadership is one of the key things that the selection … Continue reading Leadership Advice for Future Marine Officers Still in High School

Advice From an Old Candidate

Candidates, this post is from a PLC candidate back in the day. He has an excellent leadership recommendation for you that would benefit your unit much if you could implement it at OCS. I went thru PLC when it was still in the boonies at Camp Upshur. One thing happened the first couple of days we were there that I think is still important today. … Continue reading Advice From an Old Candidate

Candidate Q: High School Preparation for USMC OCS

Candidate Question: As a sophomore in High School, how can I better myself…especially at a young age? I can do 90 push-ups, 13 pull-ups, 100 crunches, but I have not done much running. Unfortunately I don’t participate in any sports but I am in some clubs (yet I don’t have any leadership positions). I am very motivated to joining the Corps as an officer, I … Continue reading Candidate Q: High School Preparation for USMC OCS

The Ultimate OCS Preparation Workout

Candidates, this is my recommended pre-OCS workout. I would do you a disservice if I only laid out a formula to follow. Instead, I’m going to show the process I worked through to generate this plan, so that you can copy the process and get a personalized workout for yourself. First: Rank Your Goals First, I ranked my workout goals: OCS-specific type activities Run for … Continue reading The Ultimate OCS Preparation Workout

Candidate Q: JAG Candidates

Candidate Question: If selected, I will be 30 years old when I start OCS in October. I am an attorney currently running a 274 PFT. I was just wondering if either my age or being a law contract would affect my OCS experience or get me singled out (either good or bad). Assuming my PT isn’t notably worse than the younger candidates, would there be … Continue reading Candidate Q: JAG Candidates

Female Candidate Q: Running and Lower Body Preparation

Female Candidate’s Q: Hi! I’m getting ready to leave for OCS in about 7 weeks. I’m confident about my core and upper body strength, but my run time is not ideal. My max is about 25 minutes. I could use some advice. Should I be doing 3 miles 5 days a week, focusing on hills and sprints, or doing distance? Should I be using weight … Continue reading Female Candidate Q: Running and Lower Body Preparation

USMC Tattoo Policy

According to a 2010 story, “In addition to the already prohibited head and neck, Marines cannot get tattoos or brands on their hands, fingers, wrists or inside their mouths, according to Marine Administrative Message 29/10 released Jan. 15, 2010. Both commissioned and warrant officers are now limited to four tattoos or brands visible when wearing the standard physical training uniform, according to the new … Continue reading USMC Tattoo Policy

Candidate Q: Lower Back Strain?

Candidate Question: I am considering entering OCS in the summer of 2012, and my biggest question/concern is this. How much strain gets put on your lower back during OCS? I have experienced some slight muscle soreness more often in my lower back over the years, and I’m just concerned that it might be an issue. I really want to get through OCS but also I … Continue reading Candidate Q: Lower Back Strain?