Gluten-Intolerance at OCS?

Candidate Question I’m gluten intolerant. During the application process, they didn’t recognize this as a health issue. I get nauseous, experience mild to severe stomach pain, bloating, and inflammation. How is the food at OCS? Will I have the ability to minimize the amount of gluten I don’t have an option but to consume? Response Like most other things at OCS, your diet is mandatory … Continue reading Gluten-Intolerance at OCS?

OCS Tips and Tricks: Field-stripping an MRE Video

How to reduce weight and bulk before a hump or field exercise by field-stripping an MRE. Awesome MRE Nicknames Courtesy Wikipedia (MRE) “Mr. E” (mystery) “Meals Rejected by Everyone” “Meals, Rarely Edible” “Meals Rejected by the Enemy” “Morsels, Regurgitated, Eviscerated” “Mentally Retarded Edibles” “Meal Ready to Expel” “Meal, Ready to Excrete” “Materials Resembling Edibles” “Morale Reducing Elements” “Meals Rejected by Ethiopians”. Continue reading OCS Tips and Tricks: Field-stripping an MRE Video