Enlisted vs Officer: Know the Difference

Do you understand the Enlisted vs Officer difference? Our OSO friend shared his story in response to this question: I’m a reservist thinking about going to OCS. What is the main difference between being an officer and an enlisted Marine? Especially on the aviation side of the Marine Corps. My Story So I started out enlisting in the Marine Corps right out of high school, … Continue reading Enlisted vs Officer: Know the Difference

Marine Mustang Officers Generals Gray Mattis

What’s a Marine Mustang Officer?

Mustang Officer: (slang) A military officer who previously served in the military as an enlisted service member. Most often, Marine Mustang Officers are prior enlisted Marines who commissioned without a break in service. So, they went through OCS via the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Programs, instead of leaving service, going to college perhaps, and then rejoining. In fact, some enlisted Marines attend the Naval Academy while … Continue reading What’s a Marine Mustang Officer?