Candidate’s Family Q: Sending Food?

Question from family members looking to support their candidate: Should we send food to our candidate? Obviously they could use extra calories and will miss home cooking. Answer: No. They will probably either be forced to throw away the food right away, or put it in a closet until they are released to eat it. The official OCS website says the following: DON’T send items … Continue reading Candidate’s Family Q: Sending Food?

Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

Candidate Question: During OCS and TBS, would my wife be provided housing in Quantico? A: Fantastic question! Very important–for OCS you will not be provided any type of housing for her at all. You should get a reduced BAH to help cover your rent but don’t count on it. At TBS you will live in the barracks (Bachelor Officers Quarters) and she can live in … Continue reading Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

Marine OCS Family Day

The following information is compiled from multiple places on the web, including the official USMC OCS page, and is cleaned up a little with directions added and so forth. If it leaves any question unanswered, please leave a comment on the bottom of the page and we will update! Family Day and Graduation take place on the last two days of training. Family Day gives … Continue reading Marine OCS Family Day

New Guide for Candidate Families

Firstly, for all of the supportive families of OCS Candidates and new Second Lieutenants, thank you. It means so much for candidates to receive mail and encouragement while pushing through OCS, and to have family members present when they graduate or commission. To put all the relevant information in one place, we have created a whole new category just for OCS Families. If you have … Continue reading New Guide for Candidate Families

What the candidate’s family needs to know

Heavily plagiarized from the Officer Candidates School official

OCS Family Orientation Guide

The following information will give you an idea of what your loved one is going through while at Officer Candidates School, give you some tips that will help you and your candidate adjust, and list helpful tips that will ease your transition as a family member of a candidate undergoing Marine Officer training.

The day your loved one leaves for Officer Candidates School, he or she willingly embarks on a noble and difficult journey that tests his or her mental agility, physical prowess, and moral strength as they partake in training and evaluation with aspirations of ultimately earning the right of passage to become a U.S. Marine Corps Officer and serve our great nation.

The OCS training regimen offers unique and challenging features that no other service has – it will always remain professional, fair and safe, reflective of our Country’s finest military force. You are assured that the well-being and care of the son or daughter of America’s parents is of utmost concern and they are treated with respect and dignity.

Note on Sending Mail

Please read our guide to sending candidates mail at OCS before you drop anything in the mail that might make your candidate’s life harder!

Description of Officer Candidate Training

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Our Family Guide on Sending Their OCS Candidate Mail

While at Officer Candidates School, receiving mail is often one of the most enjoyable moments of any candidate’s day. However, there are certain thing that should and shouldn’t be done as a candidate and as parents/significant others/friends when receiving and sending mail. I’ll address this post to two different groups, first the parents, significant others, or friends sending mail to a candidate at Marine OCS. After I address that, I’ll discuss what candidates should and shouldn’t do when sending and receiving mail at Quantico.

Parents and others sending mail:

At Officer Candidates School, mail is distributed every day except Sunday. When your candidate arrives at Officer Candidates School, he/she will send you a letter in the first few days informing you of his/hers new address which will look the address listed below. Candidates find out their company and platoon upon arrival, so don’t attempt to figure out beforehand, you’ll just have to wait a few days for the exact address.

Candidate Last name, First, MI.
___ Company, ___Platoon
Officer Candidates School
2189 Elrod Avenue
Quantico, Virginia 22134-5033

Candidate families greeting their successful candidates on Family Day, OCC 209
Candidate families greeting their successful candidates on Family Day, OCC 209

When sending mail to a candidate at Officer Candidates School, it’s important to be positive and encouraging. Your candidate will likely be under a great deal of stress, so the last thing you want to do is cause him/her more stress by sending discouraging letters. When you do send your candidate a letter, make sure to send it in a normal, discrete looking envelope. Sending any outrageous post cards, funny stickers, etc won’t cheer up your candidate as much as they will cause some ridicule from the Sergeant Instructors.

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Candidate Question: OCS to TBS Transition

Candidates, we are beginning a new series of small posts which answer specific candidate’s questions. Feel free to submit questions as blog comments. If the information could help others, the question may be answered as a blog post under the Q&A category. Candidate Question: How does the transition from OCS to TBS work? Are those that graduate from OCS typically able to enter TBS immediately? … Continue reading Candidate Question: OCS to TBS Transition

TBS Gift List

Set your new Second Lieutenant up for success at The Basic School! We polled our TBS students and their families, who shared the following top choices for gift ideas which would be most handy at The Basic School: See the following suggestions and share your own with us if you think we’re missing any! #1 Most suggested item: printers and laminators #2 Most suggested item: … Continue reading TBS Gift List

Candidate’s Families Q: Send Books?

OCS Candidate’s Mom’s Question: Can I mail my son at OCS one or two books regarding Marines? -Candidate mom A: Candidate Mom, Please don’t send him unrequested books at OCS. He won’t be able to read them–candidates are usually so busy they only get 2-4 hours of sleep at night. Really. He will send you a letter with his address when he gets one. I’d … Continue reading Candidate’s Families Q: Send Books?

Second Lt Challenge Coin

The 2018 OCS Graduation and Commissioning Gift Guide

“What should I get a graduating or commissioning candidate?” is a question asked by many family members unfamiliar with the Corps. The following were my favorite gifts when I graduated OCS and commissioned (on the same day). If you have a new Second Lieutenant en route to The Basic School, check out our TBS gift guide. 2nd Lieutenant Challenge Coin This coin pays tribute to … Continue reading The 2018 OCS Graduation and Commissioning Gift Guide