Treatment of Shin Splints

Treatment of Shin What? You hate running. But you’d love to become an officer in the Marines. So you start training for the PFT and when you go from zero to ten miles of running per week, the front of your shins start barking! Shin splints are one of the most common running injuries, and affect a large amount of candidates and would-be candidates every year. … Continue reading Treatment of Shin Splints

How I Got Accepted to Marine Corps OCS in 2012

From a helpful candidate with a sparkling resume. Friends, this is how you let your resume speak for itself to the board! “I was on the board for October OCC. I was very uneasy about what my results would be since I knew how competitive thing have gotten over the last year or two. I was fortunate to be selected. Here were some of my … Continue reading How I Got Accepted to Marine Corps OCS in 2012

OSO Trades: Peak Behind the Curtain

Note–“gouge” is Marine Corps speak for getting the low down on a topic. Check out one candidate’s story which might change the way you think about how the OSO system works. I’m from a certain state west of the Mississippi and am contracting on Thursday for OCC-211. After a recent sitdown with my Captain, he mentioned offhand that my region (three total states) were each … Continue reading OSO Trades: Peak Behind the Curtain