Help! My knee hurts. How can I run?

The “Candidates’ Curse:” Patellar Tendinitis Many candidates get patellar tendinitis, “jumper’s knee” or runners knee at OCS or while preparing for it. If you are truly injured in your preparation for OCS, you first need to be honest and open with your OSO. If you shouldn’t get sent to OCS, but attempt to “sneak” in, they will find your injury during medical inprocessing or the … Continue reading Help! My knee hurts. How can I run?

USMC Tattoo Policy

According to a 2010 story, “In addition to the already prohibited head and neck, Marines cannot get tattoos or brands on their hands, fingers, wrists or inside their mouths, according to Marine Administrative Message 29/10 released Jan. 15, 2010. Both commissioned and warrant officers are now limited to four tattoos or brands visible when wearing the standard physical training uniform, according to the new … Continue reading USMC Tattoo Policy

Candidate Q: Rejecting Your Commission After OCS?

Hi Sir, I’m in the pre-candidate stage with my recruiter, and planning to attend OCS in January. I am very excited about doing this and have wanted to have a chance at becoming a Marine Officer since I was a kid. Having read a lot of information on your website and in other places while educating myself about the OCS process, I understand that if … Continue reading Candidate Q: Rejecting Your Commission After OCS?

The Unofficial LPA Guide to OCS Gear

You will be issued (actually you purchase) bagfulls of uniforms, gear and equipment at OCS. If you make it, you keep all of it. Most of it will be useful to you as a Second Lieutenant at TBS and beyond. Some of it is only suitable for OCS use, however. You don’t want to be that Lieutenant who looks like a candidate instead of an … Continue reading The Unofficial LPA Guide to OCS Gear

Treatment of Shin Splints

Treatment of Shin What? You hate running. But you’d love to become an officer in the Marines. So you start training for the PFT and when you go from zero to ten miles of running per week, the front of your shins start barking! Shin splints are one of the most common running injuries, and affect a large amount of candidates and would-be candidates every year. … Continue reading Treatment of Shin Splints

Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

Candidate Question: During OCS and TBS, would my wife be provided housing in Quantico? A: Fantastic question! Very important–for OCS you will not be provided any type of housing for her at all. You should get a reduced BAH to help cover your rent but don’t count on it. At TBS you will live in the barracks (Bachelor Officers Quarters) and she can live in … Continue reading Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

OCS Tips and Tricks: Field-stripping an MRE Video

How to reduce weight and bulk before a hump or field exercise by field-stripping an MRE. Awesome MRE Nicknames Courtesy Wikipedia (MRE) “Mr. E” (mystery) “Meals Rejected by Everyone” “Meals, Rarely Edible” “Meals Rejected by the Enemy” “Morsels, Regurgitated, Eviscerated” “Mentally Retarded Edibles” “Meal Ready to Expel” “Meal, Ready to Excrete” “Materials Resembling Edibles” “Morale Reducing Elements” “Meals Rejected by Ethiopians”. Continue reading OCS Tips and Tricks: Field-stripping an MRE Video

Our Leadership Philosophy

Candidates, This site’s original goal was to educate candidates about what to expect at OCS. The goal has slightly shifted from merely describing OCS to publishing content which helps to actively prepare candidates for both OCS and the demands of USMC officer life. Regardless, no information “giving away secrets” about OCS leadership tests has been published. The idea is to ensure nobody shows up at … Continue reading Our Leadership Philosophy