Ask an OSO Video

I interviewed Marine Corps officer Capt Stoddard, who is the Officer Selection Officer (OSO) for OSS Saint Louis today. We covered the top questions received on the blog and in our facebook page. Feel free to connect with either of us in Sandboxx as well. Note: we shot an hour of supplemental footage, containing advice exclusively available to future Marine Officers in the Sandboxx app. … Continue reading Ask an OSO Video

Getting to OCS, Part I: Application and OSO

Part I – First Contact: What to Expect When You Talking to an OSO for the First Time So you’ve decided you might be interested in becoming an officer in the Marine Corps. You’ve avoided the pull of the other branches, and you’ve done at least a little research into what Marine Officers do. What do you do next? If you’re not sure where your … Continue reading Getting to OCS, Part I: Application and OSO