Test Your Physical Fitness With This PFT Benchmark Workout

Thanks to Candidate X who graduated in the summer of 2016 for this benchmark PFT workout. “There was a MARSOC Captain I met after graduating OCS and he took my OSS through, what he called, a good Benchmark PFT. I would have to agree. It’s very simple, but the cumulative loading effect is what makes this difficult.” Benchmark PFT 5 pull-ups (kip when you can … Continue reading Test Your Physical Fitness With This PFT Benchmark Workout

Marine Corps recruiting poster "How do you know if you're cut out for the Corps?"

Application Advice from a Successful Candidate: Part III of III

Thank you to Candidate C for taking some time to share advice you learned through your long, yet successful, Application! Stay tuned for more parts throughout this week. What was your relationship with your OSO like? I worked with three OSO’s since I started my initial application for NROTC my senior year in college and two for PLC in college. The first OSO really was … Continue reading Application Advice from a Successful Candidate: Part III of III

How to Increase Your Pullups, from Future Jarheads Fitness

Thanks to the great team over at Future Jarheads, especially on their newly revamped FutureJarheadFitness.com website, for this guest post. Quick Tips For Pullups Find a grip that is comfortable for you, you can do palms facing out, palms facing in, hands close together, or far apart, find what works best for you. Tilt your head back so that your chin extends into the air, … Continue reading How to Increase Your Pullups, from Future Jarheads Fitness

The Ultimate OCS Preparation Workout

Candidates, this is my recommended pre-OCS workout. I would do you a disservice if I only laid out a formula to follow. Instead, I’m going to show the process I worked through to generate this plan, so that you can copy the process and get a personalized workout for yourself. First: Rank Your Goals First, I ranked my workout goals: OCS-specific type activities Run for … Continue reading The Ultimate OCS Preparation Workout

Insanity Workout Review: Good for OCS?

What is Insanity? BeachBody’s Insanity program by Shaun T is a 60 day cardio-intensive at-home DVD workout using no equipment.   The Good No need for lots of expensive equipment or a gym. When you work out at home, there’s less time wasted and fewer hurdles to getting your workout in, so you probably will stick to the program better. Insanity basically ensures you have … Continue reading Insanity Workout Review: Good for OCS?

What You Need to Know When a Blister Could End Your OCS

With all the humps (forced marches) at OCS, and running in boots, and in wet conditions, my feet never looked worse than as a candidate. Here is my back and forth with an applicant who is getting a pre-OCS practice hump scheduled right after he overdid it in his boots: How can I heal a blister overnight? I am going on a mandatory hike tomorrow … Continue reading What You Need to Know When a Blister Could End Your OCS

Killer Crunch Workout

PFT Crunches at OCS

This is a popular training program for the crunches part of the PFT.

While it is a good program to help you get to and past 100 crunches, remember that it crunches are a one-dimensional component of fitness and are not a substitute for a full core workout. OCS is much more than just the PFT.

Day 1

Do three maximum effort sets. Rest 60-90 seconds between each set. As soon as you stop (even for one second), that set is complete.

Day 2

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Armstrong Pull Up Program

Courtesy of Armstrong Pullup Program.com:

Armstrong Pullup Program
The Armstrong Pullup Program is of course the number one pullup workout anywhere for PFT success.

I received this awesome workout from my recruiter. Many of the former candidates, current officers, I know use this, so hopefully some of you will see success with it. I know it’s a long read, but well worth it. Enjoy.

First…do you have a pullup bar? If you want to succeed at OCS–get yourself that piece of gear! If your pullups have plateaued, try the Advanced workout here.

Armstrong Pull-up Program

This program was used by Major Charles Lewis Armstrong, USMC to prepare himself to attempt to set a world record in number of pull-ups completed in a single exercise session. The program provides the necessities for successful physical improvement namely, VARIETY, OVERLOAD, and REGULARITY. Users have achieved remarkable results in only 6 to 8 weeks. This means that most, if not all, have been able to meet the performance level they have set out to achieve, a single set of twenty repetitions. Armstrong Pull Up ProgramIt can not be overemphasized that his program depends upon regularity. Daily performance of the exercises listed in the following paragraphs holds the true key to reaching and to maintaining the twenty repetition level.

The Morning Routine

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