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The Basic School (TBS) Questions and Answers

I am simply revisiting a correspondence with a young OCS graduate, nearing his TBS ship date, with several questions and answers about TBS.

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TBS Questions

Gearing up to head to TBS here in October, and had a few questions I was hoping you could answer:

1-Should I bring my desktop or just a laptop? Read as… how much space is in the barracks?

2-What’s liberty look like? Am i looking at training virtually 27/7 OCS style or what? Are weekends free, are you left to your own devices in the evening, etc.

3-Civillian attire: What’s the dress code roughly look like. I saw the indoc powerpoints on what regulations are, but I was sorta wondering what you guys generally actually wore. And how many sets of civies are really necessary.

4-Anything I can do to ease inprocessing?

5-Any other random stuff you wish you’d known before you got there?

Thanks for any help! I’m not worried about the actual training regimen. Just kinda want to make my life as easy as possible, you know?

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