The Unofficial LPA Guide to OCS Gear

You will be issued (actually you purchase) bagfulls of uniforms, gear and equipment at OCS. If you make it, you keep all of it. Most of it will be useful to you as a Second Lieutenant at TBS and beyond. Some of it is only suitable for OCS use, however. You don’t want to be that Lieutenant who looks like a candidate instead of an … Continue reading The Unofficial LPA Guide to OCS Gear

Time-Test Marine Approved Silkies

Oh, the USMC silkies. Say again, oh, the Marine Corps time-tested Marine-approved silkie. Silkies, enjoy a cult following in the Marine Corps. Many Marine Facebook pages pay homage to the short shorts, popular T-shirts that read “sky’s out, thighs out,” and Terminal Lance comic strips dedicated to the now-banned PT gear. In a recent Headquarters, Marine Corps press released a trial run for new physical … Continue reading Time-Test Marine Approved Silkies