Basic School Q&A with a TBS Instructor

Thanks to Capt Baumann, TBS instructor and former Staff Platoon Commander, for answering our fans questions on our Instagram. Follow us on Instagram for more great content and opportunities to interact with Marine Officers! When you pick your MOS do you then leave TBS and go to the school of your MOS? There’s often a small wait until school starts (few weeks/months); you’ll likely hang … Continue reading Basic School Q&A with a TBS Instructor

TBS Q&A from a Marine Captain Instructor

Captain Charles J. Baumann was a Warfighting Instructor at The Basic School from July 2017 to July 2020 and has a diverse arrangement of experience.  While at TBS, Captain Baumann was the Motor Transport Platoon Commander, a Staff Platoon Commander for India Company 1-19, a Staff Platoon Commander for Fox Company 6-19, and the Primary Instructor for the Convoy Operations Package of The Basic School.  … Continue reading TBS Q&A from a Marine Captain Instructor

Guest Post: The 8 Most “Embrace the Suck Moments” of The Basic School

“Embrace the Suck” is a mantra you will become very familiar with over the course of your Marine Corps service. “Embrace the suck” means, yes, this situation sucks, but lean in and accept the challenge as much as possible. Thank you to Benjamin Steele for sharing his post The 8 Most “Embrace the Suck Moments” of USMC’s The Basic School The following blog includes a … Continue reading Guest Post: The 8 Most “Embrace the Suck Moments” of The Basic School

Top 9 Pieces of Advice for The Basic School

Headed to TBS? This advice is for you from a recent TBS graduate. Enjoy! Congratulations and welcome to the gun club.  A few things. The Big Suck 1) TBS is a lot of fun, but also more challenging than OCS. Make sure you get away from the barracks as much as is reasonable. Otherwise, you risk burnout. Go to DC, Annapolis, Alexandria, wherever just get … Continue reading Top 9 Pieces of Advice for The Basic School

My Journey from Civilian to Marine Officer, Part III: TBS

Thank you to Lieutenant Schmuckatelli, a new Infantry Officer, who is sharing his journey through OCS and TBS with us. (Read Part 1: Pre-OCS here and Part 2: OCS here) The Basic School: You’re Not at OCS Anymore After 10 weeks of being a high-strung candidate having every waking moment scheduled for me, I was now a Commissioned Officer beginning the Basic Officer Course at … Continue reading My Journey from Civilian to Marine Officer, Part III: TBS

TBS Housing Question

Candidate’s Question Do new officers have to live on base in the officer’s barracks at The Basic School? Can they stay off-base or rent an apartment nearby? Answer The majority of students at The Basic School will live in barracks on-base. If you are married and living nearby with your spouse, you will get a room on base but be considered a “brown-bagger,” commuting most … Continue reading TBS Housing Question

The Basic School Camp Barrett Map

Below you can see the overview of the entire Marine Corps Base Quantico. (Gray in the non-satellite or “after” map view) Mainside “Quantico mainside” is to the east of I-95, and contains Officer Candidates School and the bulk of the rest of the support staff and other units at MCB Quantico. [twentytwenty] [/twentytwenty] TBS Location The Basic School is located to the west amidst the … Continue reading The Basic School Camp Barrett Map

Can I Drop an Air Contract for a Guaranteed MOS?

Candidate Question I’m looking at switching from an Air Contract to a Ground Contract, but I really only want to if I can secure an 0203 Ground Intel Officer MOS (to possibly further go on to Recon). How hard is it to get a specific MOS at TBS? I am in pretty good shape, I can stick with most candidates and run a 285+ PFT … Continue reading Can I Drop an Air Contract for a Guaranteed MOS?

How TBS Differs From OCS

Fact: OCS Is Different from TBS PT is less running, more packing Order writing matters Flexibility in the field, “Be Prepared To Change” Academics are memorization, broad and different on each exam Be efficient with your time; get uniforms before you need them, study, prep gear, etc. So you’re heading to The Basic School. Congratulations, TBS is the next big step in your career as … Continue reading How TBS Differs From OCS

Recommended Motivation: Films You’ll Love

Candidates, there are so many motivators out there who bother me every day with questions like, “What more can I do to prepare for OCS?” that I am debuting a new series of posts. This summer’s posts will give you plenty of ways to use up all your time before OCS to get ready or motivated for your future Marine Corps life.

Today’s post: These are my personal recommendations of films to watch to either learn about USMC culture, history, or a general United States warrior ethos (vis-a-vis Band of Brothers).

The Pacific

The Pacific centers on the experiences of three Marines (Eugene SledgeRobert Leckie and John Basilone) who were all in different

The Pacific DVDs
The Pacific DVD set

Regiments of the 1st Marine Division. You should read the books it was based on–but wait for a future post on that. The program was lauded by critics but actually met mixed reviews by the Marines I know, due to the overall depressing mood. Historically accurate, it shows war for the hell it is, so don’t expect any “tales of glory” like an old John Wayne-type movie. Still, it’s important history and you should view the stories with the mindset, “one day, men such as those will be ‘my Marines,’ who I will be leading.”

Band of Brothers

Greatest war mini series ever. Not Marines, but soldiering is soldiering. The series holds many lessons of leadership and warfighting that will be highlighted at OCS and beyond.

Band of Brothers DVD set
Band of Brothers

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