Recommended Motivation: Films You’ll Love

Candidates, there are so many motivators out there who bother me every day with questions like, “What more can I do to prepare for OCS?” that I am debuting a new series of posts. This summer’s posts will give you plenty of ways to use up all your time before OCS to get ready or motivated for your future Marine Corps life.

Today’s post: These are my personal recommendations of films to watch to either learn about USMC culture, history, or a general United States warrior ethos (vis-a-vis Band of Brothers).

The Pacific

The Pacific centers on the experiences of three Marines (Eugene Sledge, Robert Leckie and John Basilone) who were all in different

The Pacific DVDs
The Pacific DVD set

Regiments of the 1st Marine Division. You should read the books it was based on–but wait for a future post on that. The program was lauded by critics but actually met mixed reviews by the Marines I know, due to the overall depressing mood. Historically accurate, it shows war for the hell it is, so don’t expect any “tales of glory” like an old John Wayne-type movie. Still, it’s important history and you should view the stories with the mindset, “one day, men such as those will be ‘my Marines,’ who I will be leading.”

Band of Brothers

Greatest war mini series ever. Not Marines, but soldiering is soldiering. The series holds many lessons of leadership and warfighting that will be highlighted at OCS and beyond.

Band of Brothers DVD set
Band of Brothers

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Guest Post: The Tragic Result of Using New(er) Boots During Week-Long Patrols at TBS

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Guest Post: Questions About Mike Co at TBS

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Guest Post: TBS is Backwards Day

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Married at The Basic School

Candidate Question: If you are married when you report to TBS do you have the option to stay with your wife and not in a barracks? Answer: You will get a bunk and space in a barracks room (with other Second Lieutenants) but will be allowed to live out in town with your wife and you will receive BAH while there. I highly recommend living … Continue reading Married at The Basic School

Wet is the Enemy

Camp Dry is a godsend for the poor miserable creature known as the Officer Candidate. Wet is the Enemy. Always. It’s snow in the winter or freezing rain in the fall or freak rain showers and saturated, muddy ground in the summer. Next comes swollen, wet, blistering feet or soggy, chafing skin under belts and pack straps. I distinctly remember my whole squad feeling the … Continue reading Wet is the Enemy

Candidate Q: Active Duty Pay Between OCS & TBS?

Candidate Question: As a starving college student I have to ask. I know I get paid at OCS Juniors for the time spent there but am I entitled to any sort of monthly pay between then and my next session at OCS? A: You only will get paid for time at OCS until you get to TBS–even if you commission 6 months before TBS! So … Continue reading Candidate Q: Active Duty Pay Between OCS & TBS?

Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

Candidate Question: During OCS and TBS, would my wife be provided housing in Quantico? A: Fantastic question! Very important–for OCS you will not be provided any type of housing for her at all. You should get a reduced BAH to help cover your rent but don’t count on it. At TBS you will live in the barracks (Bachelor Officers Quarters) and she can live in … Continue reading Candidate Q: Spouse housing at TBS?

Candidate Question: OCS to TBS Transition

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TBS Gift List

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