Driving Directions to USMC OCS Graduation

Click the picture for Google driving directions to OCS for Graduation or Check in Officer Candidates School is located on Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico. Quantico is located in Northern Virginia, near Prince William County. It is accessible from Interstate 95 of HWY 1. Quantico is South of Washington D.C. and north of Fredericksburg, Va. There are two exits on both North and Southbound lanes … Continue reading Driving Directions to USMC OCS Graduation

What the candidate’s family needs to know

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OCS Family Orientation Guide

The following information will give you an idea of what your loved one is going through while at Officer Candidates School, give you some tips that will help you and your candidate adjust, and list helpful tips that will ease your transition as a family member of a candidate undergoing Marine Officer training.

The day your loved one leaves for Officer Candidates School, he or she willingly embarks on a noble and difficult journey that tests his or her mental agility, physical prowess, and moral strength as they partake in training and evaluation with aspirations of ultimately earning the right of passage to become a U.S. Marine Corps Officer and serve our great nation.

The OCS training regimen offers unique and challenging features that no other service has – it will always remain professional, fair and safe, reflective of our Country’s finest military force. You are assured that the well-being and care of the son or daughter of America’s parents is of utmost concern and they are treated with respect and dignity.

Note on Sending Mail

Please read our guide to sending candidates mail at OCS before you drop anything in the mail that might make your candidate’s life harder!

Description of Officer Candidate Training

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