USMC PFT Video: Pull-up Rules

EXECUTION OF THE PFT Individual performance on each PFT event will be executed as follows: Pull-up The goal of the pull-up event is for the Marine to execute as many accurate and complete pull-ups before dropping off the bar. The procedures are: (1) This is not a timed event. (2) Sweatshirts will be removed during the conduct of the pull-up event in order to observe the lockout … Continue reading USMC PFT Video: Pull-up Rules

One Easy Cheat Sheet to See if You’re Physically Ready for OCS

I challenge all candidates to achieve these minimum benchmarks before getting to OCS, and using them as training goals. This will put you in decent standing, but not the top of your class if these are your max sets. MALE Pullups: Max set 18 Pushups: Max set 65 Run: 21:00 3-mile Run: 880 meter sprint in 3:15 in boots (2:45 running shoes) Flutterkicks: Max set 60 … Continue reading One Easy Cheat Sheet to See if You’re Physically Ready for OCS

Help! My knee hurts. How can I run?

The “Candidates’ Curse:” Patellar Tendinitis Many candidates get patellar tendinitis, “jumper’s knee” or runners knee at OCS or while preparing for it. If you are truly injured in your preparation for OCS, you first need to be honest and open with your OSO. If you shouldn’t get sent to OCS, but attempt to “sneak” in, they will find your injury during medical inprocessing or the … Continue reading Help! My knee hurts. How can I run?

The Ultimate OCS Preparation Workout

Candidates, this is my recommended pre-OCS workout. I would do you a disservice if I only laid out a formula to follow. Instead, I’m going to show the process I worked through to generate this plan, so that you can copy the process and get a personalized workout for yourself. First: Rank Your Goals First, I ranked my workout goals: OCS-specific type activities Run for … Continue reading The Ultimate OCS Preparation Workout

Candidate Q: JAG Candidates

Candidate Question: If selected, I will be 30 years old when I start OCS in October. I am an attorney currently running a 274 PFT. I was just wondering if either my age or being a law contract would affect my OCS experience or get me singled out (either good or bad). Assuming my PT isn’t notably worse than the younger candidates, would there be … Continue reading Candidate Q: JAG Candidates

Pull-ups and the Female PFT

Pull-ups In, Flexed Arm Hang Out Finally the long-discussed changes to the female PFT were announced by the Commandant in a message to all Marines last November. Effective 1 January 2014, pull-ups will replace the Flexed Arm Hang (FAH). This change will take place in two phases with phase one beginning 1 January 2013. Phase one will serve as a transition period and is intended to … Continue reading Pull-ups and the Female PFT

Treatment of Shin Splints

Treatment of Shin What? You hate running. But you’d love to become an officer in the Marines. So you start training for the PFT and when you go from zero to ten miles of running per week, the front of your shins start barking! Shin splints are one of the most common running injuries, and affect a large amount of candidates and would-be candidates every year. … Continue reading Treatment of Shin Splints

Insanity Workout Review: Good for OCS?

What is Insanity? BeachBody’s Insanity program by Shaun T is a 60 day cardio-intensive at-home DVD workout using no equipment.   The Good No need for lots of expensive equipment or a gym. When you work out at home, there’s less time wasted and fewer hurdles to getting your workout in, so you probably will stick to the program better. Insanity basically ensures you have … Continue reading Insanity Workout Review: Good for OCS?

Trying To Lose 50 Pounds In A Year For Marine Corps OCS

Candidate Q: I’m leaving next summer to go to OCS. The only issue I have is my weight. I’m 5’10″ 235. I have to be at 192 to ship out. I also need to get my PFT up. My 3 mile is 27:45.  Obviously if I lost the weight I would be able to do this with greater ease. I just don’t know how to … Continue reading Trying To Lose 50 Pounds In A Year For Marine Corps OCS

Nine Tips for Marine Corps Humps

In Marine speak a hike is known as a “hump,” and to carry a soldier’s load on your back while hiking is known as “humping” whatever gear it is. At OCS and also TBS, conditioning hikes are used as PT and boy do can they get rough! The longest will be in the neighborhood of 12-15 miles. Your packs could be 60-80 pounds and the … Continue reading Nine Tips for Marine Corps Humps