How TBS Differs From OCS

Fact: OCS Is Different from TBS PT is less running, more packing Order writing matters Flexibility in the field, “Be Prepared To Change” Academics are memorization, broad and different on each exam Be efficient with your time; get uniforms before you need them, study, prep gear, etc. So you’re heading to The Basic School. Congratulations, TBS is the next big step in your career as … Continue reading How TBS Differs From OCS

Married at The Basic School

Candidate Question: If you are married when you report to TBS do you have the option to stay with your wife and not in a barracks? Answer: You will get a bunk and space in a barracks room (with other Second Lieutenants) but will be allowed to live out in town with your wife and you will receive BAH while there. I highly recommend living … Continue reading Married at The Basic School